TODAY   |  December 25, 2013

What do you do with a gift you don’t want?

In TODAY’s Talk with Kathie Lee and Hoda, the two discuss how they put on their best acting performances when they receive gifts they don’t want.

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>> were little how fun it was with all the stuff.

>> i know.

>> is that new again?

>> just can't get enough of it.

>> we have got a really great show for you today. count country music star trisha yearwood is here. i wish she was singing for us but the second best thing is she's cooking for us.

>> you know who is going to sing for us?

>> we have a heartwarming story about a young woman who found her birth mother 20 years later.

>> you don't want to miss that.

>>> what are your plans for today?

>> christmas is always such a chill day. after the tearing open of the presents, you know, just kind of relaxing day. what about you guys?

>> always, always, always. you know what i like to do on either christmas or new year's day just go through my -- i still have an address book .

>> you do?

>> i have an address book . frank and i will sit down and we'll just start going through the address book and calling people.

>> that's fun.

>> spend the whole day doing that and saying thinking of you. no one wants to be bothered on christmas . no one wants to hear from you on new year's day. mostly we get voice mail. but at least we were thinking of them.

>> fun this morning as you unwrap your gifts, play a game with us. this is called guess the christmas movie . so we're going to play a little clip from a classic christmas movie. we're not going to show you the clip. you have to listen to it. and then you have to try to get the film. are you ready?

>> yes.

>> clip number one.

>> we're ready.

>> if you're really santa claus you can get it for me. if you can't, you're only a --

>> " miracle on 34th street "? is it?

>> yes, it is. you are correct. the year i was born.

>> nice man with a white beard like mother said.

>> you know who that is, natalie wood .

>> oh, my god, it is.

>> young, beautiful natalie wood .

>> wow. let's hear clip number two.

>> okay.

>> we all try to stick to the -- font don't show it.

>> we caught it.

>> i didn't see it.

>> it's okay. we're authentic and we are what we are.

>> i didn't hear it though.

>> i learned it -- i know who it is. "elf."

>> okay.

>> i didn't see it.

>> let me tell you why because we saw it along with you. that was the answer. "elf." how about that?

>> yes, good for you. okay.

>> let's do the next one.

>> what's the next one?

>> maybe christmas eve doesn't come from the store --

>> "the grinch."

>> yep. yep.

>> can we show the clip? i love this clip.

>> maybe christmas doesn't come from the store, maybe christmas perhaps means a little bit more.

>> ah. i love the grinch. i could watch "the grinch" even now as an adult.

>> did you like jim carrey ?

>> i like the cartoon.

>> finally, because it's a tiebreaker.

>> let's watch.

>> recently right now for you get you something to eat? drive you out to the middle of nowhere , leave you for dead?

>> no, i'm doing just fine, clark .

>> it's the one about -- with the -- wait. this is karen's favorite movie. what is it called? i know it. " throw mama from the train "?

>> no.

>> like dirty santa or whatever the one with billy bob thornton ?

>> no.

>> no, it is --

>> oh " national lampoon ."

>> get you something to eat? drive you out to the middle of nowhere , leave you for dead?

>> no, i'm doing fine, clark .

>> if i heard clark i would have known but didn't hear that. you know what?

>> what?

>> i lost so much this past year.

>> what do you mean?

>> now it's my hearing, my sight. next year i hope i lose my thighs. right now -- i'm just losing everything.

>> you can't see?

>> no, i can't --

>> i know the prompter, you can't see that well.

>> no, no, no. no. men versus women, holiday wish list is what we're going to talk about next.

>> okay. a lot of you guys are again at home opening presents. what presents do men and women really want? okay. so this surprised me. women really want those gift cards .

>> and yet suze orman told us that's the worst gift.

>> they want them but they don't use them. they put it in their wallet and it goes away.

>> i get starbucks one, though, kathie's spoiled because she goes like three times a day. i think it depends on the person, you know. if your favorite store is, say, saks fifth avenue and you get a saks fifth avenue one you're going to go. you've got to know the person, hoda woman.

>> another thing women love geting are clothes.

>> i like getting clothes if my mom gets them. if someone else gets you a sweater or top.

>> it becomes, again, those kinds of things are very iffy if you don't know the person really, really well.

>> household goods and homemade gifts.

>> homemade gifts are always just the sweetest.

>> men?

>> electronics but frank sure doesn't. i think it's generational. frank could have had all of those -- he still shaves the way he always shaved.

>> guys look brook stone. they have all those things in there, gadgets.

>> yeah.

>> men, number two, was homemade gifts. if you're thinking about, you know, for next year, thinking ahead. make something.

>> do you honestly know one person who is thinking ahead? christmas day and someone's thinking ahead?

>> i'm not. i'm the last person thinking ahead.

>> martha stewart , she's the one that's thinking of that.

>> all right.

>> so it is awkward when you get some of these worked really hard on a gift for you and they give it to you, have you ever had a gift that you just couldn't --

>> you know what i say? oh, my god, you did it again.

>> i love this.

>> how did you know?

>> no, i love this. i love it. and then i'll take it and i'll thank them and then later i'll wrap it again and give it away to someone else .

>> regift it. who will wrap it and give it away. it used to be the fruitcake that went around the world because everybody would wrap it up and give it to somebody else.

>> sometimes you don't really have a use for it but someone put time and thought. they talked about how much time people spend shop for gifts. i think it's hours that people look -- four hours looking for a gift for your significant other.

>> strange to me. you haven't been significant very long if you don't know what they want. what do i know?

>> four hours.

>> who's got it?

>> nobody.

>> but, plus, i don't like when i say, hey, i'd like some reindeer and then i open the present and it's reindeer. like i don't like that. what's the point of doing that?

>> of giving something --

>> i asked for it and here it is. i like it to be something that, what did you think, like what would you have gotten me? i like that.

>> why would you say i want reindeer horns? that makes so new orleans sense, hoda.

>> if someone asked me, i'll say it but i don't really want to.

>> here, you want a hat, too. does this hat fit you, by the way? did you see how nice -- does that --

>> yes, it does. the answer is yes. all right.

>> okay.

>> coming up, the perfect story for the holidays. how one young woman found her birth mom 25 years later.

>>> and country music star trisha yearwood whips up a christmas