TODAY   |  December 25, 2013

Cook up Italian-style roast beef

Add an Italian twist to a traditional Christmas dinner, courtesy of chef Marco Canora.

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>> what's in your wallet?

>>> okay, gout upper think morning, waurnlt to prepare an elaborate christmas different, probably want to take it ease sit next few days.

>> everyone has to avenue. we have an impressive meal you can cook, it is simple and delicious, smarkt chef and co-owner of hearth. typical in italian tradition to have a roast?

>> it is.

>> but this is a pork roast?

>> it s the best advice i can give everybody is keep it simple , stupid. do something that is very forgiving. this really fits the bill. standing rib roast of pork. the reason why it is called a standing rib roast this chine bone is left on. other reason it is forgiven, fat, bone and bone, protect all this beautiful meat.

>> gout to leave that fat on, right?

>> a big window of success there.

>> okay.

>> what makes it tuscan style?

>> the holy trinity of meat cookery throughout tuscany, same, rosemary and garlic what you do you pierce each side of this roast, right in the center, right? and you use the dowel of a wooden spoon and you kind of shove it right through there.

>> that is a greaeeat idea.

>> get the flavors on the meat.

>> probably do that with other cuts of meat as well.

>> give me some black pepper ?

>> sure.

>> i'm like where did it go? it is right in front of me.

>> all over it. the other thing about people doing roasts at home they don't realize how much salt it takes and every time i season something in front of somebody, their mouth drops are and they are like, oh, my god.

>> why do you need the salt?

>> because there's a lot of interior meat here around salt is flavor so i really want to show you guys exactly what i'm talking about.

>> all that fat.

>> you are coating it. coating it on the bone side, and you are really coating it, and rub it in there, a little oil on there and then what happens you is set it on top of a bed, i have a couple of fennel bulbs, i have an onion, some rosemary, sage, garlic.

>> that is beautiful.

>> this thing will cook in the of been an hour and a half two hours, 400 degrees. the other thing people are afraid of is how i do know when it's done?

>> yeah, a big cut of meat.

>> they don't know what to do. this is your friend, right?

>> yes.

>> these are always in your drawer and you use them once a year, important to put it in ice water and make sure it reads 32 degrees, them you know works.

>> calibrate it.

>> you down the want to end up with something not giving you the right information.

>> the temperature for cooked pork that you want --

>> 130. 130 internal temperature i think is ideal u stick this thing to the thickest part of and you just start doing that about one -- an hour, hour and 15 minutes . checking it every 15 minutes .

>> here we have it see how beautiful the fat has sort of crisped up.

>> exactly.

>> then cut beautifully here.

>> the other thing is when this comes to you the of the oven now, you want to let it rest on this bed of vegetables so all of those drippings fall into the vij, because this will be turned into what we call a pasada sauce. you put all the vegetables and drippings in the food mill and pass them through, down the have a food mill , pass them through the blender, always a squeeze of lemon brightens everything up, right?

>> makes this great crazy?

>> makes that great crazy, the other thing, because of the chine bone, can't chops, what you need toe do you is need to take it --

>> off the bones.

>> off the bone, right?

>> oh this is gonna be good.

>> and then this is the best part for you.

>> thank you. merry christmas .

>> part between the bones isn't bad either.

>> i will give you the best part.

>> try that beautiful. you served it with the great vegetables a the hearth.

>> roasted autumn vegetables with maple and slices and ricotta cheese.

>> congratulations, tenth anniversary of hearth. great review in the "new york times," true to your vision.