TODAY   |  December 25, 2013

Check out a few of Santa’s animal helpers!

SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Animal Ambassador Julie Scardina visits TODAY with a few of Santa’s animal helpers, including a couple of huskies who know how to pull a sled!

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>>> this morning, a special visit some from some santa's little animal helpers around the world. saenchts world and busch gardens ambassador, julie scardina is here with animals that love cold weather .

>> these guys are beautiful.

>> they are.

>> merry christmas to you guys, too. these guys have --

>> the huskies.

>> infamous sled. dogs have been pulling sleds they think over 15,000 years these guys are perfectly adapted for it.

>> how are they adapted?

>> so muscular. feel this fur, you guys. this is, like, very thick, very insulated. they are very good about being out in the really subzero degree temperatures, which you have in new york here.

>> are these good family dogs?

>> they are also, because they are very friendly, they are very social. but, of course, they need a lot of exercise. and they need a lot of specialized diet and things like that. so certainly not your average, typical house dog, but very good pets.

>> these dogs, too julie, have incredible stamina. i have rid own sled with these dogs running that end just don't stop. want to keep running.

>> these guys want to pull. actually, we have got some more gifts you guys can put under the tree from the sled and we are going to take these two off so that we can bring out the next animals.

>> mom used to take me to the husky department at montgomery ward 's.

>> we brought them from busch gardens tampa to go under the tree.

>> oh, right. help you.

>> so, who is our next guest?

>> the next guest is actually our --

>> oh.

>> owl. isn't that awesome? now, she is just amazing. this is one of the largest owls in the world. and this is a eurasian eagle owl . how much does she look like she weighs, guys?

>> i'm guessing 70 pounds.

>> 70 pounds?

>> gonna say 20.

>> don't have her on "its price is right."

>> look at the wing span .

>> it is 150 pounds, if it's a pound.

>> she weighs about 4 1/2 pounds. but 70 was a good guess, natalie.

>> it is not a helicopter. it's an owl.

>> why are they lighter than they look?

>> because they have hollow bones, first of all, and they have this great insulation. she lives -- she can live up in the tundra, in the himalayas. they will hunt out there. so, they are perfect for hunting. they have got these great tall lons, so powerful, exactly why i'm wearing a glove. and the wonderful insulation for the feathers, of course. perfect for night hunting, those gorgeous eyes that you can see, huge, can't move in their soxets, she has to turn her head.

>> julie, 150 pounds.

>> admit it.

>> 70 pounds. i don't know how you got it.

>> our next guests are so cute. asian otters.

>> we are gonna have --

>> look that the guy.

>> zander come over.

>> zander has a trick.

>> zblapder is going into the present he is.

>> the candy.

>> like my son in the morning.

>> yeah. you can -- we will have another presents later, but these guys are for fwachbd alexander, they love christmastime at seaworld in san diego , because this is their favorite thing, getting into everybody's present he is and finding out.

>> it is amazing.

>> their paws pretty sensitive?

>> they are very sensitive. that is how they find their food out in the wild. they would be actually watching for predators with their eyes facial up, while their paws are looking all over in the mud and underneath the water to find fish, crayfish, shrimp. you know what, we have some shrimp here and some fish.

>> get in there.

>> you guys hold it by the head.

>> like a game --

>> here buff, if i zander. > how calls can they make?

>> about a dozen different calls.

>> zander , here.

>> whoa.

>> buffy ?

>> buffy . buffy , excuse me. look i got. hey, buffy . look what i got here, buffy . there you go. yeah.

>> here, you can give zander one if you like.

>> a little hard time.

>> they are very good.

>> look at them going to town on that thing.

>> communicate among the family groups this is brother and sister, they were born 15 years ago at seaworld san diego .

>> how old will they get?

>> very old right now. in the wild they never would have lived this long. i would say that they have another five good years.

>> do they have aarp for otters?

>> yes, they do a great retirement program at seaworld.

>> what about reindeer?

>> christmas not complete without a reindeer.

>> actual reindeer.

>> actually, i think, showing off for all the folks outside. they drew such a crowd outside, we figured maybe that is the best place.

>> santa double-parked the reindeer.

>> now, reindeer are really well suited as well.

>> you know what, they have the most amazing both fur, it's hollow, allow those go across waterways, they have the huge rack and the antlers and they have hoofs that actually change texture, depending on what surface they are on.

>> and they weigh more than 70 pounds?

>> zblander is looking for something. zblander is 60 pounds himself.

>> hello, guys. hi. hi, zander .

>> any fish for zander ?

>> here we go.

>> christmas.

>> do your thing.

>> do your thing.

>> you want this?

>> awesome.

>> julie scardina , thank you so much.