TODAY   |  December 25, 2013

Santa Claus is coming to TODAY’s Take

Jolly old Saint Nick takes time from his busy holiday schedule to make a special visit to TODAY, and he’s got presents for Al, Natalie, and Willie.

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>> merry christmas , everybody what a great morning it is outside. i hope it is where you are. i'm willie geist and al reerngd natalie morales on this beautiful special day. how has the morning been so gar?

>> it is great. christmases are always great. i think it's a time for family and friends to get together.

>> theoretically not with them right now.

>> we have abandoned them.

>> we have left the kids to fend for themselves. just big bowls of kibble and eggnog.

>> you can disappear for hours. they don't know where you are. they could care less.

>> unless they need batteries. then they come looking for you.

>> assembly required, mom, dad, legos, mom, help me build this 3,000-piece lego, i got a lot of leg goes this my future.

>> fantastic. it is a fantastic company, but it's a very deceptive thing.

>> yes.

>> because you look at this box, everything is all put together, think is great.

>> so easy. and then it's not.

>> i love it has the specific number of legos, 739.

>> yes.

>> oh, my goodness. last year, santa had the brilliant idea to buy the big r2-d2 lego.

>> how many pieces?

>> got to be over 1,000.

>> like 6,000 pieces it for expert level. need tolls say like 191 to 18-year-old age group .

>> you start at 11, you finish when you're 18.

>> my kids are 10 and 5 or 9 and 4 back then. so we had to put that one in the closet for a while. someday, santa will bring that one back.

>> santa is very busy. doesn't have time to assemble everything.

>> had the kids seen it --

>> they didn't see that one.

>> they didn't see that one because, fortunately, there was some intervention ahead of time, parental interception.

>> got t understood.

>> my goodness. ruining christmas .

>> what are your traditions around the holidays?

>> about family, like you said. i'm very lucky, very blessed, i have my parents in new york city , my in-laws across the river, aunts and uncles in connecticut. we are all able to be in one place. it is great grate. always s

>> i remember as a kid, our tradition always was, waiting to get old enough to go to midnight mass .

>> yes. government to midnight mass and you come home, would you open one present and mom and dad would break out the eggnog.

>> sure.

>> the kids' eggnog. and then the mom and dad eggnog.

>> yes. yes. yes.

>> and then you go to bed, the next morning, get up and finishing opening.

>> we did the midnight mass as well. so important, i think to remind your kids what the holiday is really all about, what it really means.

>> then you move on to the eggnog.

>> then you don't remember what the holiday is.

>> my uncle, hurricane rita who is a wonderful guy.

>> always sounds good.

>> uncle herb make what is we call herb nog. he gets help from uncle bert.

>> were they money sets in

>> real people .

>> like ben and jerry.

>> some people in this room met herb and bert. the nog start office as a pleasant eggnog, the course of the day every ladleful gets stronger and strong, somebody in the back.

>> basically a clear liquid.

>> a clear liquid. christmas gets exciting. put it that way.

>> the kids are really fending for themselves at that point in time.

>> mommy and daddy won't come out of the bathroom.

>> good luck, kids.

>> oh. oh.

>> a lot of people looking things up about christmas day . what do you do after the gift are open, top searches on yahoo!. they put together a list each year, number one is what's open, people want to know about grocery stores , restaurants, last-minute shopping. you ingredients.

>> people about immediately worried about returns though, think there are some of those, too.

>> oh, yeah.

>> what's open.

>> are stores opened today, probably one of the thing?

>> yeah, some r non- christmas food, a big one.

>> remember, in "a christmas story ," they end up at the chinese restaurant because the bumpus hounds eat the turkey. sun's up! bumpuses!

>> chinese food always big. indian food , japanese restaurants, thai restaurants.

>> games and tech, another big one. looking for new computer games , trouble shorting some of the gifts this he go

>> cheats for the computer games .

>> cheats and secret codes.

>> movie times. current movies and movie times.

>> we do that check out movies.

>> do you go to the movies on christmas day ?

>> sometimes we do if there's something we really want to see. so you know, depends. depends. usually, i think we try to stick with family.

>> as public service , eight movies hitting theaters today a few of the highly anticipated releases, "the great holiday movie movie , "the wolf of wall street ," leo dicaprio as a crooked stock broker , finds the truei true meaning of christmas .

>> greed is good.

>> supposed to be a great flick, you don't bring the kids on this one.

>> no. no.

>> here is one the kids will enjoy if they are beliebers, justin bieber has his new believe, a follow-up documentary to the singers a 2011 "never say never" movie. teenaged girls, beliebers, i think, see this. make sure there's no potted plants around.

>> okay.

>> the secret life "the secret life of wal ter mitty." ben stiller , kristen wiig starring in this one.

>> i have always loved the story by james thurl ber.

>> great story.

>> looking forward to that.

>> bring us an opportunity to talk about our own favorite christmas moviesism think mine goes "elf." i love watching with my kids now.

>> a good one.

>> it is just an --

>> ed asner the best santa going.

>> yes. he is the real santa though, right?

>> yes, yes, he is. he is the best santa .

>> and remember, don't eat the gum. it's not free candy.

>> will ferrell in christmas . i still go back to " christmas vacati vacation," never old for me, chevy chase , randy quaid , the they will whole thing.

>> a good one.

>> the classics, can't beat " miracle on 34th street ." and " wonderful life ."

>> i still love "a christmas story ." that is -- the old man, darren mcgavin as the old march you will shoot your eye out.

>> it's fragile. it's fragile.

>> fragile.

>> yeah. yeah.

>> i won! i won! i won! a major award.

>> so many classic lines from that film. i double dog dare you.

>> it is a classic.

>> a classic.

>> so my earworm is --

>> santa !

>> said ed asner was the best santa there is only one santa .

>> thank you for making the time for us.

>> i love your stories.

>> well, santa .

>> i'm glad there's some sensitivity and love coming from here, radiating on christmas . this is my last stop.

>> is that right? we are honored.

>> gifts for you. i have a few little things here.

>> i have been very good, santa .

>> i know you have. you have been nice and good. i think this is yours, you got a -- oh. willie gets a big one. let's see.

>> are you gonna open it?

>>> it is the empty bag of the season. the last gifts.

>> can we open it?

>> not opening --

>> opening them now.

>> we are?

>> absolutely.

>> open.

>> let's see.

>> thank you.

>> santa , you are too kind.

>> i think that's all i have.

>> how was the run --

>> al doesn't get anything?

>> oh, no, wait a minute.

>> oh, santa ! santa , now he me so well, a hulk hogan action figure. you're the greatest and he really talks.

>> something to play with.

>> santa , what is this about? do you know my whole story about lemonade?

>> santa .

>> one of the best things you can do.

>> wow. google that one, by the way. natalie, lemonade?

>> help you. very good for you.

>> all right, al.

>> you've been naughty? oh, no.

>> who's the real santa ?

>> you're the real santa . of course you're the real santa .

>> well, let's see what you got there.

>> this is fantastic. you know what it is?

>> yes, i know. of course i know what it is.

>> this is actually a make your owner diamonds kit.

>> hold on a second.

>> no. no.

>> apply pressure for about 20,000 years this is gonna be fantastic. santa , thank you so much.

>> just hold onto it.

>> i'm holding on right now.

>> hey, and santa , merry christmas .

>> i know you got to make another stop at radio city before you leave.

>> i sure am, i'm going to be there until december 30th . drop by again. i know i saw you the other night.

>> i don't know how you squeeze it in, dropping presents.

>> i can tell you how you squeeze it n

>> catch santa and the rockettes through december 30 thank the radio city music hall .

>> cubic sir cone ya.

>> wow.

>> worth something one day. merry christmas .

>> the best.

>> anybody want some lemonade?

>> that's right. okay.