TODAY   |  December 25, 2013

Put a twist on traditional Christmas dinners

Food Network star Marcela Valladolid presents a few unique twists for Christmas dinner, including a delicious pepper-crusted prime rib roast.

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>>> we are back on this christmas morning in today's kitchen and here with some of her favorite holiday dishes is marcella valladolid, a celebrity chef , author and host of the food net work's "motion can made easy." merry christmas . we have been smelling this all morning, we are ready to eat this.

>> get down here it is so impressive. even if you are not a cook, a couple little details you need to take care of and it is done.

>> impressive but intimidating.

>> a massive roast here.

>> , an eight to ten-pound roast, prime rib roast. super easy, preheat your of ton 400. heavy seasoning of salt and a heavy seasoning of person.

>> did you trim this up at all, take some of the fat off of it?

>> french it. take some of the fat off, but your butcher can absolutely do that for you if you don't a want to do it at home that is what so great. you will see the last one, we did clean it up u put it in a roasting pan, savannah, want to help me with the rub.

>> ribs down?

>> yes, ribs down. you will do the roast -- i mean the paste, which is dijon, i love that you are putting you gloves on to keep it clean.

>> yes, exactly.

>> a little rosemary, add that in there

>> am i just stir tug.

>> by the time you get the gloves on, she will have the whole rub done.

>> am i just -- stir it with my hands.

>> a little bit of soy sauce and that's what you guys are smelling, a little bit of worcestershire sauce august lot of ground peppercorns, different colors, a little bit of garlic and add a little bit of flour and that is going to create the beautiful crust, grab that and smear it of tempt.

>> you wouldn't put this on way in advance, only before you roast t

>> you want to let it sit about 30 minutes , threat come to room temperature if you pop it in the oven when it is too cold it will take forever.

>> is that mixed well enough?

>> you are creating that beautiful paste and rub it over.

>> it possible to overmix it?

>> no you really can't. really not doing anything. just raw ingredient he is. that's perfect.

>> the glove is coming off. what's gonna end up in the roasting pan? we are gonna eat that later. keep the gloves on.

>> i know. i nose.

>> you get the idea.

>> can you smell it already though?

>> yes.

>> a little bit of smoky flavor, you can substitute with the chi chilis, chipotles.

>> a nice job. well done. slow start. but you picked it up.

>> very evenly spread. thank you very much for that

>> welcome.

>> we have the roast here.

>> how long did that cook?

>> 400 degrees for 30 minutes to create that beautiful brown crust and then put it down for 350 and threat go about an hour and a half to two hours until you reach 110.

>> that's a little on the rare side for a lot of people.

>>> it s government longer than that as well?

>> you could go for longer, you can go up to 125 and you're still gonna get that beautiful flavor.

>> marcella told us this is her piece.

>> the end cut?

>> it is. i like the end country. i lining the nice, christy part, like it to be nice and brown. you have to have one of these guys at home unless you know how to touch meet matt and know when it is done. a good idea to have a thermometer. that is what it means.

>> how many people would that serve, a roast that size?

>> in my family? two.

>> i'm coming to your house. that's cool.

>> you can get six to eight people from this roast.

>> take a look at some of the sides you're making for the holidays. what do you serve that with?

>> i have a crunchy cauliflower. the way we get it nice and crunchy, i like to make a nice picks of pank coker sway japanese bread crumb , a little more coarse, get more crunch. tons of butter, a little bit of pine nut , mint, and i like to add a little bit of tang with pickled pep ron cleanny or banana peppers or hall pain knows.

>> do you like cauliflower?

>> i do, indeed.

>> one of those things people like or don't like. i love it. it is fantastic.

>> can you pass me a fork?

>> we added the parmesan cheese , makes it kid-friendly. you add the salty, cheesy element, the kids will eat it.

>> this, maybe this is a production thing. do weer is of this hot or room temperature ?

>> it can be room -- either/or. what is so great about t potatoes with chipotle, do you on a grill pan or absolutely roast them as well.

>> try some of that. that is amazing.

>> i want some.

>> fred and barney, get right in there

>> for zerts, you have got this over here?

>> cajeta, it is made out of caramelized goat milk . puff pastry , purchase it made, don't make it lay ter up, powered sugar, fresh berries.

>> a beautiful hot chocolate , a toast with you in a couple of moments.

>> did you just double dip on that?

>> no, i did not.

>> marcella , thank you so much.

>> much more to come this