TODAY   |  December 25, 2013

Children pen adorable ‘Dear Santa’ letters

Find out what some children asked from Santa this Christmas, including one who wants a little brother and another who is requesting $2 million for a college fund!

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>> right. well what would christmas be without all of the great letters to santa ? did you guy guys write them growing up? i think luke wrote about ten. santa shared a few of his letters with us. here is one from a girl naked nick kim " dear santa , how is it going the north pole ? is it is an ta reading this on ar elf? thank you for read mike christmas list, hope you have an awesome christmas ."

>> this next swann kid not afraid to dream big . listen. " dear santa , i would like a doll and cash for my college fund . $2 million would be good. "no state school for this kid.

>> i like it was unsigned. santa will know.

>> know where to send it.

>> haley writes " dear santa for example there are christmas , i want a baby brother ." that's really sweet.

>> finally, a letter from a very understanding child. " dear santa . how are you? i want to ask if you bring me a tablet. if you can't, it's okay. i'm still going to love you. ps, fly safely. "

>> so cute. not to worry, kids, by the way, all your letters did make it to the north pole , santa just decided to share a couple of the nicer ones with us. you can find more of them at