TODAY   |  December 25, 2013

TODAY’s Tamron Hall video chats with Santa!

TODAY’s Tamron Hall video chats with Kris Kringle himself to find out how this year’s Christmas ride went.

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>> guys, parent does it for love they stand in line so that their kids meet santa , take the picture, sometimes you cry. nevertheless, you get that photograph. well there's a super cool new app in my opinion, it's cool. hello santa , you can use your smartphone, iphone, whatever you got, ipad, computer around you can actually talk to santa . and guess who i have with me here, you see it watch, hang on, wait for t hi, santa .

>> ho, ho, ho, tamron, hi!

>> how are you doing?

>> i'm great. how are you?

>> i'm fantastic. thank you for the presents. you're so sweet.

>> i'm so glad that you're happy with them. i knew you would be.

>> how was last night for you?

>> oh, it was terrific. you know exi have to tell you, i have been delivering presents around the world now for many, many years. and last night was magical. it was just absolutely seine sakesal. the world is going so well.

>> so, i've got natalie and savannah and al and matt there so, they were on the naughty or nice list?

>> oh, well, we know they are on the nice list.

>> thank you, santa .

>> thank you.

>> a moment of pause where savannah didn't know, but neverthele nevertheless, great work, santa . the kids all love you and thank you and we will see you next year.

>> okay. i'm gonna take a few more video calls with hello santa and i will see you then.

>> bye, santa . so he mentioned the video calls, guys, you get a copy of the call with santa .

>> these great.

>> fabulous.

>> adorable.

>> nice he is still taking calls. need to take the rest of the day off.

>> thank you very much. santa , thank you very much.

>>> by the way, coming up on trend egg, some letters from children to the big guy that are going to keep you laughing all day long.

>>> and then from connecticut with