TODAY   |  December 25, 2013

Check out the iconic home from ‘A Christmas Story’

NBC’s Kevin Tibbles travels to Cleveland, Ohio to visit the home where the classic holiday film was shot, which has since become a museum.

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>>> all right. let's begin this half hour with one of the most beloved holiday movies of all time, "a christmas story " turns 30 this year n facts you can find ralphy and his red rider on constant loop on television today. nbc's kevin tibbles traveled to cleveland to visit the house where it was actually filmed.

>> reporter: it may be chilly in cleveland , but they are lined up down the street to visit this sweet, old house anyway.

>> i have been bugging him to go for weeks.

>> reporter: after all turks is a christmas tradition and i double dog dare you to get through the holidays without seeing it at least once on tv. [ screaming ]

>> wait! my tongue is frozen.

>> reporter: "a christmas story " was filmed here and released 30 years ago. how many times have you seen the fill?

>> probably 50 maybe.

>> reporter: the film set in the fictional town of homan where tongues freeze to poles -- [ crying ]

>> reporter: snowsuit russ giant marshmallows.

>> i can't feel my arms.

>> reporter: and bullies lurk in alleyways.

>> fragile.

>> reporter: where a lamp shaped like a leg is is a major award.

>> you won that. that's major award. were and where every man hero, ralphy parker is constantly being warned --

>> all he shoot your eye out, kid.

>> captures the essence of what christmas is, you know? the family chaos, the food, the presents. you know, good movie and it's funny.

>> i was ralphy.

>> you were ralphy?

>> without the little brother, but i was the ralphy. yeah.

>> i always loved the movie.

>> reporter: ryan jones loved the movie so much, he bought the house and turned it into a museum.

>> i think everybody can relate to it. it's basically a christmas from a kid's perspective. sure, it's an adult narrating it back.

>> be sure to -- be sure to what. what was he trying to say? be sure to what?

>> would you please come out?

>> all right, mom, i will be right out.

>> reporter: to mark the 2 3 0th an verse ray giant leg lamp glows high over the cleveland sky. and "a christmas story " convention brings them out in all shapes and sizes.

>> that is awesome.

>> reporter: it also brought a couple of all grown up actors town that bully was played by zack ward .

>> in their.70s, 50s 40s, 5-year-olds and 10-year-olds who all identify with the move and i have the whole family can actually enjoy it together.

>> reporter: ian petrello played randy in the snowsuit.

>> this scarf wrapped around you, you felt like an astronaut.

>> reporter: for everyone else, just a nice, warm, happy feeling inside. times may change, but "a christmas story " san annual treat that keeps on giving.

>> remind me of being a kid.

>> it is literally my childhood.

>> every year at christmas eve , we watch it.

>> ho, ho, ho.

>> reporter: for "today," kevin tibbles, nbc news, cleveland .

>> i love you that movie. my favorite.

>> i was working in cleveland when they filmed that, it was supposed to be indianapolis. but -- and they were so excited because it was the first big major motion picture that had been fill ummed in cleveland in a long time. so it was really cool.

>> you remember, was it a huge hit in the theaters or is this something that came became a classic later?

>>> it has become a classic, i think it is beyond cult classic .

>> it is great. holds up generation to generation. i have watched it with my own dhansd love t.

>> is a great one.

>>> now to another house that is definitely steeped in holiday