TODAY   |  December 25, 2013

The best Christmas trees from TODAY viewers

TODAY’s Tamron Hall is in the Orange Room, presenting some of the best Christmas trees sent in by viewers.

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>>> let us head over to tamron in the orange room , happy to say she drew the short -- i mean she volunteered to be here on christmas morning .

>> i can't think of anywhere in the world i would rather to be than way over here while you guys are over there.

>> merry christmas .

>> the fire all the way over there?

>> my handles are burning. i got supports coming up soon. but listen, guys, it's been awesome, this entire holiday season , people have been sending in pictures of their christmas trees . thank you so much. we havecalities in trees, dogs in trees, kids in trees, you name it we've got it for you and that's been pretty awesome there. also, we have been watching some of the hashtags that are trending of than christmas day and one that's pretty school #thank yousanta. you mean thank you santa for the love and not indict mond ring but whatever floats your boat and i pulled up a picture, guys, of my favorite gift of all time, i was about 7 years old.

>> stingray?

>> this was brought to my home, via santa . awesome. hashtag, thank you santa . merry christmas to you guys.

>> and to you, tamron. that is a kpool bike.

>> pay a fortune for one of those now. retro.

>> those seats are so comfortable.

>> you like it?

>> those seats, never get used to the new seats.