TODAY   |  December 24, 2013

Nonprofit builds special homes for disabled vets

Nonprofit organization Homes for Our Troops helps disabled vets returning from the battleground transition back to civilian life by building specially-designed homes for them.

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>>> this morning on hope to it, a special gift in time for christmas.

>> severely injured military vets across the country were given brand new custom homes.

>> when i was injured in iraq it was maybe the second to the last mission and we were about a week and a half from going home .

>> reporter: the army staff sergeant lost his leg and arm while deployed in iraq in 2007 .

>> there was a land mine and i didn't realize until i stood up to move.

>> they called. it was about 4:00 in the morning. and they said your husband has been in an accident. we flew out two days later. the doctor said, do you know who this is? and he said, yes, my wife.

>> reporter: wallace, better known as wally to friends and family began his recovery process.

>> i remember thinking i have a child. how am i going to be a father? how am i going to be a husband? how am i going to live my life.

>> reporter: relearning to stand and walk and change his young daughter's diapers but coming home brought it's own unique challenges.

>> the garage and front door both have steps. the doorways in this house my chair won't fit into. i find myself stopping at the doorway and hopping into the rooms to either dress my children, tuck them into bed. take them to the bathroom.

>> reporter: that's where homes for our troops comes in.

>> these homes are funded there donors and sponsors and volunteers. our mission is to take care of our most severely wounded warriors and build a especially adapted house in order to give back the freedom and independence of our wounded veterans.

>> reporter: the president and ceo of homes for our troops spent 35 years in the army. for him, the cause is personal.

>> i have seen all the challenges that many of these veterans are dealing with with their injuries and i really felt compelled to be in this kind of position.

>> reporter: this december the nonprofit built 12 homes for 12 veterans in 8 different states.

>> it's a special time of year and this will bring some great meaning to our veterans.

>> reporter: they're one of the families receiving a new home.

>> it probably made him feel less of a man because he wasn't able to help out. but, you know, in this new house he's going to be able to do anything and everything.

>> reporter: after a procession and a ceremony with friends, family, and volunteers.

>> congratulations. thanks for what you have done. all of your service.

>> reporter: they received the key to their new house.

>> i love it. absolutely love it.

>> i couldn't ask for anything more. this is perfect.

>> reporter: truly bringing new meaning to the term home for the holidays .

>> and for more information on homes for our troops and how you can get involved