TODAY   |  December 24, 2013

Become a master gift wrapper!

Willie and Natalie get a lesson in gift wrapping from lifestyle expert Maureen Petrosky, who teaches how to wrap some of the most awkwardly-shaped gifts.

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>> not close. what do you do with the doll house or bike that won't fix in a box or gift bag. here to help with is marine.

>> merry christmas thanks for having me.

>> i don't know what's under this but i'm guessing a bike or something like that.

>> maybe.

>> the easy thing would be to slap a big bow on something. but it's always more fun to unwrap a present. you can do this big box reveal.

>> it's big items.

>> oh, sorry kids. mommy broke your bike.

>> hopefully that won't happen on christmas morning .

>> yeah.

>> but even something like a bike, just get a big box and just use the top.

>> that's cool.

>> wrap every single thing to make the morning last longer.

>> the bow is the cheap way out. that's nice and easy.

>> what do you think?

>> a giant bottle of something to drink.

>> no.

>> a dollhouse.

>> that's cool.

>> that's an awkward thing.

>> if you wrap it and then all the little things all ready for them to play with, you can set it up for them. it makes it easy. if you don't have a big, giant box, you can make one out of, use some heavier duty duct tape and make a bigger box.

>> good idea.

>> other odd shaped presents here. some things you're going to want to go with it. the shape is going to indicate what you go with.

>> this is cute. a hockey stick .

>> we use this craft paper here and then the red tape . but you can also use a candy candy cane striped wrapping paper . we just made the form of the hockey stick . old boxes using duct tape and giving yourself that shape.

>> that's cool.

>> here we have the tennis racquet . so we went with the lollipop theme. it's a little different color. bright pink, greens, purples. they're all so festive and it's a lollipop and tennis racquet . we're letting them indicate how we're going to wrap it.

>> thinking outside the box .

>> we went with the hard wrap and now this is the soft wrap .

>> soft wrap .

>> this one over here, willie is going to be your wrapping station here. this is for you. i got this for you.

>> thank you.

>> this is our tape dispenser here.

>> i like that.

>> there's two things you can do with odds and ends. even if they're toys. you can do the soft wrap with the tissue paper or you can make the wrapping paper part of the present. so here we have new dish towels, christmas scene dish towels so you can go ahead and wrap your item in front of you.

>> that too?

>> each item or --

>> i'm going to let you see how you do with it and then i'll wrap my items.

>> i'm letting you have free reign here.

>> okay.

>> two different kinds of ribbon.

>> you do this tighter, didn't you?

>> i did.

>> it's a disaster.

>> it's inventive.

>> we are not very creative.

>> she's beating you willie .

>> it's not about speed. it's about quality.

>> it's about quality. there you go.

>> you can do that.

>> can i tape?

>> yeah.

>> use tape or ribbon.

>> there you go. willie is getting right into it.

>> a piece of ribbon.

>> i'm going to open mine upright away. since i have two little items i'll put it right in the middle here and fold my towel up like this.

>> trying to be creative with the bow.

>> there you go. you got it.

>> well, that was beautiful, natalie. i wonder who it's going to be.

>> look at that.

>> that's one way to do it.

>> see how ic contrasted the green and the red.

>> no one would ever know what this was.

>> right.

>> or you could have done the easy one which is wrapping the ends.

>> that's the easy way out.

>> no. not doing that.

>> okay. so here we go. a tip on this is we have wire in this ribbon so it gives us a little structure.