TODAY   |  December 24, 2013

Must you always kiss under the mistletoe?

TODAY’s Willie Geist and Natalie Morales get quizzed by lifestyle expert Maureen Petrosky on how to handle awkward holiday situations, like getting stuck under a mistletoe with a person you don’t want to kiss.

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bill: has a great assortment of little somethings, and we're always nearby, so it's easy to get in and out. see you on your lunch break. swing by walgreens for lindt lindor truffles, hallmark cards , and more. plus most stores are open christmas day . here at the corner of happy and healthy.

>>> all of that celebrating means there's plenty of opportunities for awkward situations.

>> here to put our holiday etiquette to the test is the contributor and editor harriet cole.

>> good morning.

>> good morning. we'll be doing a quiz with ho ho ho as a yes or no you didn't?

>> yeah.

>> all right.

>> who ever rings first gets to give your answer and then i'll let you know howell you're doing. are you ready?

>> yes.

>> the sweater your mother-in-law got you doesn't fit or isn't your style. if she asks you if it worked out, do you tell her the truth?

>> ho ho ho .

>> why?

>> because i think if -- you said it's your mother-in-law?

>> yes.

>> i hope you have a good relationship and she would want you to have i think something that you liked. as long as she didn't knit it, i think you're okay.

>> and also, she asked.

>> yeah.

>> if she doesn't ask you do you think you should say it anyway?

>> i might just suggest that, you know, if i could get a bigger size would be better.

>> just say i love the sweater. it's beautiful. i'm just going to get the bigger size. good eye but too small.

>> perfect.

>> maybe not year one.

>> yes.

>> okay. here we go. a guest staying with you over the holidays wants to extend their stay by a few days. is it okay to say no?

>> ho ho ho .

>> yeah.

>> if you're here in expensive new york city or some other expensive place and have to go to a hotel, what do you tell them?

>> get out. get out. don't let the door hit you.

>> some people don't leave you, though.

>> how do you do that in a nice way?

>> it is hard.

>> you can tell people we want to spend time alone with our family too. we spent this much time with you and we want to spend the rest of our holiday together.

>> hopefully they get it when you leave the luggage right at the door.

>> sometimes people don't.

>> this is the question we ask all the time. is it ever okay to regift?

>> i said ho ho ho .

>> so the thing is, don't pretend that it's a new gift. don't put it in a tiffany box. people do that. people pretend when they regift. we shouldn't do that. you can say i received this wonderful toaster and i had one already and i thought you would like to have it. or whatever the item is, if you just make it clear that you're honest, then it's okay. if you don't have a gift card , what are they going to do.

>> right. should you give them a little something that's more personal too though.

>> it could be personal. a great regift could be something you might not even spend that much money on the gift for that person. but you've got something you think is perfect for them.

>> okay. all right.

>> aunt betty is pressuring you to try her famous fruitcake. do you have to give it a try?

>> can you just say i'm on a diet.

>> no.

>> aunt betty worked all day.

>> take a bite. and don't skrunch your face up. a little bite and give her a hug.

>> you put it in your cheek over here and then --

>> speaking of cheeks, if you find yourself under mistle toe with someone you don't want to kiss, are you obligated to pucker up?

>> no.

>> absolutely not.

>> i agree. i got a question saying if somebody walks around with mistle toe, do you have to kiss them? that's creepy.

>> that's creepy.

>> you use humor and say no, go kiss her or jump out. making it humorous makes it less awkward.

>> or if it's fake mistletoe.

>> that is a really aggressive move though.

>> isn't it weird? if an acquaintance gives you a gift you weren't expected, are you obligated to give one back?

>> ho ho no.

>> correct. the thing you are obligated to do is not what you just did. you're not supposed to cringe. oh, i'm so sorry i didn't give get you something. what you should do is to complete the circle of giving. thank you so much. really sincerely thank them for thinking of you and for giving you something at the holiday season and end it with that.

>> okay. unfortunately we're out of