TODAY   |  December 24, 2013

How to beat the holiday shopping scramble

If you’re still trying to finish your holiday shopping, Kimberly Schlegel Whitman of Southern Living magazine can help! Check out these great last-minute gifts that are sure to please.

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>>> christmas eve with just a few hours to go, the last minute holiday shopping scramble is on but don't stress. we have gifts that are thoughtful and can be picked up in a hurry. she is editor at large at southern living . good morning to you.

>> thank you.

>> you're our lifeline this morning. if you're waking up and don't have your presents you have your ideas?

>> we do. it's not too late. it can be a thoughtful present and something that will impress the recipient.

>> i love the idea of give the gift of food but you have a twist on it.

>> everybody loves the crock pot . it's a great edition. you can put the ingredients in and go. we pulled a vegetarian chili from southern living and put the ingredients in there. you have a great meal for the day after christmas.

>> that doesn't have to be that expensive.

>> less than $20 and maybe 15 or 20 for the ingredients and you have a really great present.

>> done and done.

>> another good present for a friend. maybe a yoga mat .

>> why not? we'll all be making resolutions in a week from now. it's fun to give your friends something maybe the two of you can do together. a yoga mat , bottle of water. maybe cute colors and maybe a guest pass or day pass , maybe a monthly pass to a gym. i love these ones from crunch because you can do them online. you can get one for yourself or friend and do them together.

>> you can buy by the class sometimes so it's easy for that.

>> it would be a fun thing to try together. and maybe it would go in line with their resolution.

>> we're all going to be making them in a week.

>> we're all making them.

>> coffee table books are a great idea and you can design it for the person you have in mind.

>> there's a book out there for everybody, right? we love this one called timeless style. it's great for anyone into fashion design . she is an interior designer from atlanta. now, this has a whole chapter about rockefeller center . it is a beautiful book filled with arts and culture. gorgeous gift to give to anybody. now this next gift is a gift for an entire family. it's national geographic around the world in 125 years and it has three generations full of photographs in it. it's gorgeous. i love this one from the south.

>> this nice size feels like a luxury. something you wouldn't buy for yourself but you would love to look through.

>> it's three volumes.

>> amazing.

>> back to the gift of food. always good.

>> it always works. these are from blackberry farm. the great thing is that a lot of these mixes are gluten free. they're gourmet but they feel homey and warm and why not get a few extra just in case there's someone you forgot.

>> exactly.

>> and then you have something you can give to them.

>> a lot of folk process krarastinate because they have a teenager on their shopg list.

>> instead of just giving them a gift card give them something to go with the gift card . there's these adorable speakers that you plug the iphone into.

>> that's so cute.

>> it's less than $15.

>> wow.

>> is it battery operated?

>> it is.

>> and it's just a great little treat. $14.99 to put with the gift card and you have something they can open and enjoy right away.

>> you can listen to their music.

>> you can force them to do your play list .

>> exactly. and the kids list.

>> this is a great time of year. wonderful opportunity to teach your kids about gratitude and being gracious. put everything in an imagination basket for them and give them everything they need to make thank you notes or make stationary. so you can give them a little address book here filled with addresses you know of relatives that will be giving them presents so they can craft a card and write it and put it in the mail. you're giving them' present and getting them to use their imagination and you're teaching them about being gracious and grateful.

>> i like that idea. and movie night is a cute idea.

>> thank you. i think this works for anybody. it's great for the whole family. great for a girl or a guy. you can taylor it by choosing certain movies. this popcorn bowl set, isn't it cute? it is less than $15 at bed bath and beyond and you fill it. you fill witt popcorn. maybe you want to buy ready made popcorn or give them the ingredients to spice up their own popcorn. a little bit of cheese or nuts and cranberries. and you're set.

>> are these nailed down?

>> no.

>> thank you so much. great