TODAY   |  December 24, 2013

Boy creates real life Charlie Brown Christmas tree

Nick Thornton,9, is putting his hometown of Brandon, Mississippi in the holiday spirit after converting a small tree he found on a busy road into an iconic Christmas tree reminiscent of the classic holiday movie, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.” NBC’s Kerry Sanders reports.

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>> eve and you probably have a to do list a mile long but one young boy in mississippi reminds us to slow down and remember what christmas is all about. nbc's kerry sanders with the story.

>> reporter: in the mad dash to christmas people in brandon, mississippi speed down the busy road. but if they slow down, there on the side of the road , a christmas tree decked with ornaments, bows and garland.

>> they drive by to go to school.

>> reporter: like every child they grew up watching a charlie brown christmas .

>> i don't know charlie brown , remember what lucy said, this doesn't fit the modern spirit.

>> reporter: he was riding in the backseat of his family's car when he noticed a bush that looked a lot like the tree from the cartoon.

>> we came up here and saw this dead bush. it looked like an old tree.

>> it came to mind several times maybe i should discard the bush and get rid of it.

>> reporter: the family decided to hang one red ornament on the bush to brighten it up like charlie brown did. the paint on this one worn off.

>> i thought it would be a cute thing that people would see and think of christmas .

>> reporter: one ornament turned to two and two ornaments turned to a tree full of decorations placed there by total strangers.

>> every day we get out and we come by and we see what somebody had brought new.

>> used to be a dead bush that fell off of somebody's truck and now it's a beautiful christmas tree with ornaments on it.

>> now there's a whole pile of gifts, a christmas card and bible wrapped in plastic and open to the story of christmas .

>> everybody has the spirit down inside of them and it takes a small act of kindness to bring it out.

>> we taught people to keep believing and spread the holiday cheer. it's the best christmas i've ever had.

>> merry christmas charlie brown .

>> reporter: merry christmas , brandon, mississippi . for today, kerry sanders , nbc news.

>> nick just had two ladies swooning.

>> we are on cuteness.

>> you're a popular guy up here. well done.

>> that story is amazing.