TODAY   |  December 24, 2013

Russian punk band reunites after being jailed

Two of the band’s members were released after spending almost two years behind bars after a controversial protest against President Vladimir Putin. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports.

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>> two members of a russian punk band freed from prison on monday were reunited today. they were released early after nearly two years behind bars. jim is in russia with the latest. jim , good morning.

>> reporter: good morning. earlier today i got to sit down with the two band members on their first full day of freedom. they're well. they're excited about the future and undeterred in their protests against vladimir putin . an early christmas present. two friends and now exconvicts reunited. she travelled across russia to meet up with her fellow band member. both now world celebrities spending the christmas and new years holidays in freedom for the first time since being jailed on charges of hooliganism two years ago. pardoned by the same president that they mocked in this punk prayer at moscow's biggest cathedral. today they enjoyed catching up and looking to the future. in an exclusive breakfast chat they told nbc news that their every movement is watched by russian security. still their activism is boundless. both now keen to launch an organization that helps convicted women within russia 's notorious prisons. something they now know from the inside. we want to focus on the violations of their rights including the use of force . physical and moral. we want to try to change the system. nadia is still amazed that a single act of protest by a small group of unarmed women triggered so much controversy and a claim. but she regrets none of the actions which turned the taboo pussy riot into a household name.

>> at the beginning of the third term i wanted to scream in order for someone to hear the shout.

>> nadia told me the hardest part about prison life was seeing how other inmates were punished just because they mixed with her. but she said she is inspired by them as well because they took that punishment freely and often. back to you natalie.

>> jim , thank you so much.