TODAY   |  December 24, 2013

Ice storm leaves parts of Michigan in the dark

Some families in parts of Michigan have to celebrate the holidays without any power after an ice storm slammed the state and parts of New York and New England. NBC’s John Yang reports.

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>>> meantime, another major story this morning. sit the weather. this could be a dark christmas in parts of michigan and the northeast. hundreds of thousands of homes remain without power this morning following the weekend ice storm . john yang is in one of the towns hard hit, bath, michigan . good morning to you. what's the situation there?

>> good morning, savannah. power crews are racing the clock from michigan to maine trying to get power restored to homes like this one by at least the end of christmas day . but officials say in some places that may not happen until at least saturday.

>> plenty of creatures stirring on this day before christmas . utility crews from as far as georgia called in to help restore power to hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses from new england to michigan .

>> we have about 600 linemen and a lot of their families are without power right now.

>>> brutal and dangerous work among the crystallized trees. on the ground, holiday plans suddenly changed and the hottest new item on christmas lists, a generator.

>> we're up on day number two and we still don't have power.

>> reporter: a frozen taxi way maybe to blame for a jet skidding on to the grass in detroit. no serious injuries. nationwide, nearly a thousand flights cancelled since sunday leading to a backlog of holiday travelers. all a result of a storm system that left at least 11 dead. five fatalities came from heavy floodi flooding. they have to deal with bone chilling cold. here in this part of michigan it's not forecast to break the freezing mark until at least next weekend.

>> tough conditions there. john yang , thank you very much.