TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

Mariah Carey dons little red bikini to walk dog

Huffington Post Live’s Josh Zepp fills Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb in on the celebrity news from the weekend, such as Mariah Carey wearing only a bikini to walk her dog, “The Hobbit” beating out “Anchorman 2” at the box office, and the latest on the controversy surrounding “Duck Dynasty.”

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>>> we're back with more of "today" on this fun day monday.

>> time for today's buzz.

>> a tv news legend gets scooped by a hobbit, while mariah carey shows off her itsy bitsy teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini .

>> here to fill us in is jaosh.

>> happy christmas .

>> you, too.

>> let's start with the box office . was this an upset, a surprise?

>> a little bit. bilbo beat burgundy, they're saying. this is one of those most important weekends of the year. the last two weekends of the year are box office bonanza. there was an expectation that anchorman 2 would take up the top spot. goes to show.

>> how close was it?

>> you should never underestimate 3-foot tall australians because $37 million and 26.8 million for anchorman 2. it's still admirable numbers. still okay. the one i think people should keep an eye on is american hustle , which came in fourth with about $20 million, a little shy of $20 million, but it's building and building.

>> it's not in full release, right?

>> we got full release just this weekend. it was in new york and l.a. last weekend. it's a fantastic movie and i think it's going to grow.

>> it's getting great reviews.

>> let's talk mariah carey 's bikini shots.

>> there was not an inch of cleavage when we were with her.

>> wow, fully clothed.

>> in a ball gown. look at her. i walked bambino just like that this morning.

>> she's in aspen.

>> she's in aspen and she posted these pictures to instagram. walking her dog through the snow wearing that. and she posted -- she said the explanation on this was she said this is a tradition. this is a tradition. i guess, yeah, right? whenever i walk my dog in the snow i'm wearing nothing but a red thong. and nobody at tompkins square dog park bats an eyelid.

>> not down there.

>> "duck dynasty" is stale waves of controversy coming off of this.

>> quieting down a little bit?

>> i would hope so. eventually, people have to. yeah, the cracker barrel had pulled all of the "duck dynasty" things from its shelves.

>> that had his image on it.

>> then they got a huge deluge of complaints. they brought it back in. charlie sheen has venlted at him on social media . i don't understand why anybody thought a bearded old redneck duck hunter from the louisiana bayou would be a progressive sever civil rights leader in the first place.

>> he made his feelings known long before. a&e knew what they were getting into.

>> he's also still going to be on the show. he's not shooting the show, but they have a season up their sleeve.

>> they have nine done of the ten.

>> what do you think is going to happen with him and the show?

>> i suspect they pick him back up because it's such a high-rating show, so much money in it, or he walks and another network picks up the show.

>> i wonder, though, if he's able -- if they can all leave, because you sign --

>> yeah, well, they would have to agree. i'm sure they wouldn't be able to leave without a&e's permission.

>> steve carell was on letterman, having a conversation about surgery.

>> a hip replacement surgery . he's only 51. normally you might associate with it older people.

>> like me.

>> 12 years ago, he was in an ice hockey accident. he had to get something done, but he didn't want to know anything about how the surgery was done. he was like, otherwise i'm going to back out.

>> if i knew what was going to happen with my feet, i would have never done it, and i'm so glad i did. that was smart of him.

>> a nurse named yolanda says, i'm going to shave your groin. he said, if i knew this was going to happen, i would have preshaved my groin. and they ask him, what do you want your hip made out of. couldn't you have asked me earlier. i guess i'll take ceramic.

>> did it go well?

>> went fantastic and apparently he's going to play ice hockey again.

>> those guys have it in their blood. boy, they love their hockey. great to see you again. merry christmas , sweetheart.