TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

‘Godwink’: Man gets Christmas gift from late wife

Ted Harris spent 40 years married to his wife Kathy, and one of their favorite times of the year was Christmas. After she passed away of cancer, he had a rough time enjoying the holidays, but found hope after getting a surprise message from her a year after she passed away.

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>>> the christmas season is all about family and faith, and this is a remarkable story about both.

>> it's from our friend, the best selling author of the godwink series described as life changing experiences.

>> and ted harris ' story is just that. take a look.

>> my wife cathy and i were married 40 years. it was a wonderful marriage. christmas was cathy 's favorite holiday. her policy was, you can't decorate too much. i would string the lights outside. while she turned the inside into a christmas wonderland . every year, she gave the children and me a special ornament. one year, mine was a little picture frame with her smiling face. when you pressed a button, it would say, merry christmas , honey. i love you. have a happy new year. that smile is what characterized cathy . she wore it every day in her battle with ovarian cancer . for five and a half years. christmas eve 2010 was the worst day of my life. that was the day i had to put cathy in the hospice. three days later, she went to heaven. one year later, i arose early on christmas eve morning. i couldn't sleep, missing cathy 's sweet smile. i came down to an empty house, which i had decorated the way she liked. i turned on the tree lights and decided to light the candle that was next to the picture frame ornament that she always placed there on an end table. but when i flicked the candle lighter, the most unbelievable thing happened. the voice on the picture frame spoke.

>> merry christmas , honey. i love you very much. happy new year.

>> i checked the button. it was still in the off position. now, there's probably a scientific reason for that happening. but in my moment of sadness, hearing her voice gave me comfort, knowing my angel was okay and she was not to be forgotten. i felt god was in the room. a godwink from heaven.

>> wow.

>> oh, my god. that's definitely