TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

Little girl spreads kindness by reading to elderly

The Sprout network is recognizing four of the kindest kids in the country. Kathie Lee and Hoda meet the kids who read to the elderly, send toy boxes to kids feeling alone, pick up trash in the community and send birthday wishes to those less fortunate.

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>> and i'm a kind kid. i give gift boxes to people with sick brothers and sisters . when i see the smiles on people's faces, it makes me feel good.

>> yay!

>> you guys, you make angels smile. do you know that? all of these kids are winners to us. they're ultra philips over here, and matteo, and the girl voted the chief kindness officer, emma locke. congratulations to all of you guys. and to the parents who raised such great parents.

>> tell us why you like reading to the elderly?

>> i like reading because reading is my favorite thing to do.

>> yeah, and what do you see on their faces when you read them a story?

>> i see them smile and clap.

>> i'm going to give you a couple books to take home and read to them.

>> yay!

>> anna, you're giving away your presents to other kids?

>> yeah.

>> why did you decide to do that?

>> because i wanted to make other kids happy.

>> yeah. and how -- what was the first thing? what made you decide? did you know a kid who needed presents? or did you just decide to do it on your own?

>> i just decided to do it.

>> and matteo, was it just getting nasty around the neighborhood and you gotatoried of waiting for someone else to clean it up?

>> yeah.

>> the adults weren't doing it, so it took a kid.

>> you take bag and you and your family run out and pick up everything?

>> we get a group and we go down to a street with a lot of trash and clean it up.

>> and you make it fun, right? i bet lots of people are joining you in the effort now, right?

>> yep.

>> that's so great.

>> hi, emma.

>> congratulations.

>> how are you?

>> your brother was sick, right, and that's how you got involved in this? tell us about him.

>> well, it started when he fell off the bed, but it doesn't really end there.

>> is he doing better now?

>> mm-hmm.

>> good.

>> you do lock boxes of love. tell us about those.

>> well, the lock boxes of love, i started them because when chase started being sick, he got a lot of things. and i felt left out because -- because i was never involved in anything. so i felt like, you know, so i felt left out. and that's when i decided -- then when i got a gift, it made me feel really good. so i wanted to do that for other kids.

>> that is so sweet.

>> you guys are the best kids. i think we have a little something special for you guys for being such great kids.

>> i hope you inspire lots of others out there to do kindness, too.

>> everyone has a little name