TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

PR exec’s offensive tweet tops Google searches

Google technologist Daniel Sieberg reveals the top Google searches over the weekend, including a tweet from a former PR executive that started a firestorm of controversy.

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>> about it is daniel. we saw the name rachel washburn. tell us the story.

>> she is a former cheerleader with the philadelphia eagles . ended up serving two tours in afghanistan with the army. she was an officer there. and she was honored last night during the philadelphia eagles , chicago bears game as a hometown hero and the crowd really appreciated her. you can see the reaction here. she got quite a reception from the folks in philadelphia. a great story here.

>> what a paradox. a cheerleader and then i'm going to take up arms.

>> fantastic story.

>> this is a story we were talking about in the break. a lot of people may not know the name.

>> the most offensive tweet would certainly come up.

>> it was heard around the world eventually and the idea is that she sent out this offensive tweet that had to do with aids in africa. she got on a flight from london to south africa . by the time she landed the internet exploded with reaction to this and everybody was of course very upset. she was fired as a result and just this kind of, you know, mentality of everybody reacting to it online was powerful.

>> she did apologize for it we should say.

>> words cannot express how sorry i am and how necessary it is for me to apologize to the people of south africa who i offended due to a needless and careless tweet. i'm very sorry for the pain i caused.

>> it directed people to donate money to aids charities so that's a small positive but a lot of negative reaction.

>> horrible story.

>> terrible tweet and reaction to it.

>> all right. john oliver . just love him.

>> yeah.

>> he's moving on.

>> he is. a bittersweet moment. he joined the daily show 7 1/2 years ago and he just left the show. he made this announcement. john stewart gave a tribute to him. interrupted a skit to put together this montage of her highlight moments. it was very touching. you could see he was visibly moved by it all. he was a fan fafavorite. a lot of people loved him.

>> they had such good chemistry together.

>> remember he filled in all summer.

>> great reviews.

>> that really helped him. next one, we know why we're searching this. it's a wonderful life .

>> hard to believe this movie is nearly 70 years old. a timeless classic. people searching for it to find out when it's on but also it's appearing in some theaters. you can see it in the theater and this is a movie that it's so heart felt. you laugh, you cry. so many wonderful themes.

>> timeless. it's such a timeless film. also barbie dream house was was a top search but not for the one that would be for your barbie .

>> potentially as a gift for some people.

>> or could be the real deal.

>> yeah. there's going to be a life size barbie dream house at mall of america next year. 30,000 square feet for all of the barbie fans that want to check it out. of course people may be searching for it as a gift. we even saw easy bake ovens. for the current gift ideas, rainbow loom and mine craft. anything to do with minecraft.

>> big year for rainbow loom in our house.

>> mine too and they still want more.

>> happy holidays.

>> enjoy your first christmas with