TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

Procrastinators rejoice! Last-minute gift ideas

If you’re stressing about those last-minute gifts for the holiday, don’t fret! Lifestyle guru Robyn Moreno presents some amazing delivery deals you can still claim, and some budget-conscious gift discounts that are just hitting the shelves.

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>> have been too busy to tackle your holiday shopping until today or you need a last minute gift, it's not too late.

>> robin has rounded up great gifts for everybody on your list that you can still get by christmas day without blowing a hole in your budget.

>> good morning.

>> for people throughout watching, what are some of the stores still offering christmas eve delivery?

>> right now there's a great service called ebay now. they're offering same day service and you can shop at a variety of retailers like macy's and best buy and target and a valet will come to your door and deliver your items today for free. it's all in five cities, new york, chicago, dallas, san francisco or san jose but if you live in one of those, take advantage.

>> it's ebay now.

>> there are other great sites as well offering delivery by tomorrow.

>>, thousands available for free shipping up to 11:59 tonight. also if you need jewelry, they're offering up to 50% off on different diamonds and gem stones and they'll take orders up to 7:00 p.m . eastern standard tonight and they'll gift wrap for you.

>> and nordstrom, a lot of people lof that store. until 3:00 p.m . today they'll get it to you tomorrow.

>> that's great. you're stuck at the office and with the click of something get a gift right away.

>> if you are going to brave the stores, there's last minute deals as well. you found macy's. some outerwear is on sale.

>> if you went last minute, not a problem. a lot of people having huge sales. you can get men's and women's coats 40 to 60% off. they're also doing the same thing with the boots, mens and womens. up to 30% off.

>> fantastic.

>> kit's always a luxury. i would love to get it as a gift. ann taylor is offering half off today which is amazing.

>> ladies love these cross body bags.

>> the express is having them half off. usually $50 and the express is actually having all of their items in their store. half off for today.

>> it's okay. you're going to get good deals.

>> i feel like i bought stuff last week and it's all on sale today and i'm like, gosh, i need to go back and say i want one.

>> well, nec year.

>> these are great. i got one of these for christmas.

>> incredible.

>> atwal mart, this is the high end machine right now. it's 50% off. it's $119 plus you get a $25 walmart gift card and you can use that to buy other gifts.

>> this is the gift my kids want right here.

>> toys "r" us is having tons of deals. 20% off certain lego sets. they now come for girls. they have the friends which are really fun. it's not just for little boys .

>> the xbox is so hard to get. this is a thing always running out.

>> xbox one, right?

>> they're having new inventory and you can pick up a tv for $179.

>> come on.

>> we're trying to upload that to get ready to play games.

>> while that's updating let's move over here.

>> drugstores.

>> you feel like you still need to go out and get stocking stuffers .

>> if you realize there's a random cousin showing up, don't worry, a lot of drugstores are open like cvs and walgreens. christmas day up to 6:00 p.m .. you can get cuter stuff than you think. these are nice.

>> these are great.

>> $20.

>> good quality.

>> so the fondue set.

>> who doesn't want some of that?

>> so after you have that, you can use your fit bit and those are $50.

>> atwal greens.

>> and the kids are loving all of those pillow pets and glow pets. super cute things. who knew you could get those? they're only $30.

>> these stocking stuffers right here.

>> these are things you can get anywhere. so miley cyrus loves those. who doesn't love lotion for the ladies. for the guys, lottery tickets are fun. and who doesn't want a flashlight and for the kids, these are super popular. i'm a mom. i could never get enough crayons or coloring books . these are things you can get everywhere.

>> lots of cool deals to be had.