TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

Should you wash your hair every day?

Natalie and Willie play a game of “Which Is Worse” with Self magazine’s Meaghan Murphy. Find out if washing your hair every day is better than using dry shampoo, and if fake sugar is really a better alternative for your coffee.

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>>> is it better to borrow a tooth brush or use your finger to brush your teeth?

>> got to think about that one.

>> or should you grab the donut for breakfast or skip the meal all together?

>> we'll play a game, which is worse? i'm stumped already.

>> good morning. are you ready to bring the pages of self-magazine to life?

>> we are.

>> first question is which is worse? borrowing the tooth brush or finger brushing?

>> i think borrowing is worse.

>> it is. it's totally disgusting. even if you run it under super hot water you can't kill all the bacteria. wash your hand and tooth paste . you'll kill the plaque that causes bad breath and cavities.

>> even if it's your wife or kids. sometimes you reach in there and get the buzz light year.

>> yeah, there's bacteria. yuck. skipping breakfast or eating a donut?

>> i'm thinking skipping breakfast is worse.

>> you're right.

>> no answer.

>> if you eat nothing it sends your metabolismetabolism. best choice is glazed. it's only about 260 calories. it's still lower calories than say a boston cream. so not a bad choice. which is worse, fighting before bed or saying let's just sleep it off.

>> get it out of your system before you go to sleep. never go to bed angry, right?

>> that's what my husband thinks but actually sleep it off. you're likely to say something in the heat of the moment . you're angry and tired. if i'm tired i'm cranky. go to bed. cooler heads prevail in the morning. what's worse? popping a pimple or piling on the concealer.

>> popping it.

>> what.

>> you break the skin, inflammation, swell, bacteria can get in there. put on hydrocortisone cream to get the swelling down.

>> you just let the big guy sit there.

>> but that's why hydrocortisone cream will get the swelling down. then choose a concealer to actually do some concealing.

>> things you never have to worry about.

>> i'm doing material.

>> which is worse, dry shampooing daily or washing your hair daily.

>> dry shampoo is good for making it not look like you went to swim class at lunch. you need to wash your hair to clean your scalp.

>> but not every day, right?

>> every other day but three days without washing your hair and your scalp can get itchy and flaky and that can lead to hair loss .

>> really?

>> shower every day?

>> but i don't wash my hair every day because it strips it. i have read that it strips your hairs of oils.

>> that's a fallacy. you can wash your hair every day.

>> all right. last question. which is worse? hitting snooz or dragging yourself out of bed.

>> hitting snooze.

>> it is. it's only going to give you an extra 8 or 9 minutes of sleep which does nothing for you. if you need to hit the snooze button look at your sleep overall.

>> so willie is ready to fight.

>> i'm not sure who my winner is. which is worse, no prize at all or --

>> i'll take the prize.

>> it's heavy.

>> which is worse a surprise or fruitcake?

>> which is worse.

>> no, no, you won fair and square.

>> thank you.

>> coming up next, all the news you need before you head out the door this