TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

Watch Santa play Cupid for surprise proposal

In TODAY’s Take, Natalie and Willie look at a romantic video of a man proposing to his girlfriend with some help from Old Saint Nick.

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>>> welcome to today on this monday morning, december 23rd , 2013 . two days until christmas and we have a great crowd outside. it's muggy outside, actually.

>> it is. made for a nice weekend, though around here.

>> it was. 70 degrees.

>> yeah. rest of the country, though, all kinds of weather all across the country.

>> i'm willie with natalie. al has the day off. have you got the shopping done? are you ready?

>> i did last minute, do your inventory and of course whatever santa brings will top that off but i kept thinking i feel like i'm missing something so i went on to amazon last night and they guarantee delivery by tomorrow. so i added a couple of things last minute. so hopefully they really do stick so that guarantee.

>> we're going to have a segment coming up about last minute shopping. turns out even today you can get shipping to get it here tomorrow.

>> fantastic.

>> if you just woke up two days before christmas and remembered it's two days before christmas you'll be okay.

>> did you physically go and shop, shop?

>> i did. i'm going to do some more. i have a couple of things today.

>> my husband did everything online.

>> it's much easier but when i'm leaving work i'm walking out in the streets of new york with my people.

>> with your people.

>> and all had an anchorman party.

>> yeah. you're going to see familiar faces. there's thomas roberts and you see savannah and her fiancee in the middle there. that's me with the bad wig and kristina and erica hill and dave, her husband. and all the way left. can you make out who that is?

>> lester .

>> that's lester and his wife carol. he looks amazing.

>> i walked up to lester and this was friday night. we got to see "anchorman 2" and the idea was dress up as if you were in the movie. i was like lester good to see you. he won the competition hands down.

>> any time you can wear that big afro and look that good.

>> we got to sit and watch the movie. it was awesome.

>> i was working saturday.

>> we missed you.

>> i couldn't make it. i was going to be a good girl and go to bed early but there's lester . my partner.

>> knocking down merlot and watching the movie.

>> what?

>> no way.

>> we enjoyed it. we had a great time. you talked a little bit about the weather. extreme all over the place. we said warm here but the real problems are deadly storms. flooding in the midwest. ice storms in parts of the northeast now and record warm weather across the east coast . five people drowned along washed out roads in kentucky. hughes, arkansas, a tornado touching down on saturday. that killed another person. 700 flights cancelled. it's just a variety of weather that's getting extreme in all of these different ways. it's crazy.

>> and there is concern even in places for santa the reindeer cam is down. it reads the power is out at the north pole . the efls are doing everything they can to get it fixed. kids don't worry. we're sure santa will be fine but a lot of feedback on the website saying i think santa need ace generator for christmas . might be a good idea.

>> santa has been doing this, you have to remember for centuries and centuries before they had power.

>> and he gets everyone.

>> he just goes back to his old ways.

>> he'll cover the whole globe and get it done.

>> santa is going to have you taken care of. snl, so much expectation and anticipati anticipation. fallon and timberlake who have become the best comedy duo in the country right now. madonna was there. paul mccarthy was there. barry gibbs . mayor bloomberg was there. here's paul mccartney at the top of the show.

>> my favorite was the family feud sketch. the stars of cbs and the stars of nbc. steve harvey as host. and timberlake dressed as jimmy fallon .

>> leading a team as the next host of the tonight show , jimmy fallon .

>> so great. so great. celebrities playing games. so fun.

>> which one are y'all going to pick.

>> so many great answers. so many. they're so great. so great, my man. but steve -- [ laughter ]

>> steve, there's only one way for a man to be really sexy.

>> what's that.

>> be justin timberlake .

>> i love that jimmy fallon can never stop laughing during the sketches.

>> that's been his role for years.

>> starts cracking up.

>> a show like that, that is snl at its best. the power to bring in the biggest stars in the world.

>> ratings gold. fantastic.

>> we have a remarkable christmas story to tell you about. a little back story and then we'll show you. a woman died more than two years ago. died of cancer and she has given her husband, his new fiancee and that family a surprise christmas gift. she passed away in september of 2011 after a battle with ovarian cancer . she left behind four boys. a month before she died brenda wrote a letter to a friend who gave it to an iowa radio station instructing the friend to wait to mail it until her husband david had fallen in love again. so the station star 102.5 invited david who did get engaged into the studio last week. he had no idea what was coming. the radio station shared a letter with him.

>> well, david , we told you we got a very special christmas wish and i have to tell you that since i found out about this i thought a lot about what i would do if i were in your position and i really don't know the answer to that. but we want to share it with you.

>> she was very strong. accepted what happened to her. and since she has been gone, she has shown a lot of signs that she is still here.

>> hello. my name is brenda . when you are in receipt of this letter i will have already lost my battle to ovarian cancer .

>> we want to grant brenda 's wish. we are going to send you and your family to disneyworld.

>> oh my god.

>> so unbelievable. now brenda asked for three wishes. first was for her husband's new partner to get a day of pampering. so taking care of his new partner. amazing that she would do that. second, the magical trip to disneyworld for the whole family and third a night out for her cancer doctors at mercy medical center where she was treated for all of those years for ovarian cancer . that's what the holidays are about. that's amazing.

>> how about her in her final hours thinking of everyone but herself. she apologized for having to type the letter but her hands were getting too shaky and she couldn't write it. but she was thinking about a fiancee that wasn't there yet and all the doctors at the hospital.

>> and now they're going to be a family of six kids.

>> yeah.

>> so great that they can share in the love.

>> yeah.

>> and continue the family on.

>> beautiful. beautiful story.

>> well, here is an unusual proposal that we saw over the weekend. a juno woman had an unexpected christmas gift delivered while she sat on santa 's knee in the north pole in alaska.

>> in alaska north pole .

>> yeah vmt take a look.

>> what do you want for christmas ?

>> a new pair of running shoes ?

>> how about a wedding.

>> oh, that would be nice too.

>> lumwill you marry me?

>> we didn't hear a yes yet.

>> that's what it's all about.

>> i only wanted a pair of running shoes .

>> so much for the running shoes .

>> i guess she'll get the running shoes .

>> i love the shift to that would be great in theory to oh my gosh, she is doing it.

>> you almost heard her curse a little bit but she is on santa 's lap. got to be good.