TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

Which star-studded movie was the worst of 2013?

Entertainment Weekly’s Jess Cagle lists the best and worst movies and TV shows of the year, and explains why a film full of A-list actors was among the worst of the worst this year.

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>>> we're back at 8:50 with the best and worst of 2013 when it comes to movies, music and tv. they're out with a special year in review double issue.

>> i hate to focus on the worst but that's the best part.

>> do you really hate it?

>> no.

>> well, let's start with the best.

>> the best.

>> what do you think the year's best movie is?

>> i think it's a tie. i really couldn't come up with one. i think gravity, the amazing movie with sandra bullock . she is lost in space . this succeeded on every level. it was a technical achievement. just a game changer in the way the director got them to float in space. an artistic success and it's a nail biter of a thriller. it's really awesome.

>> the other one is?

>> the other one is "12 years a slave." it's a game changer. the bar has been raised.

>> a couple of movies we'll be hearing a lot about an award season here.

>> the worst movie of the year, what is it?

>> the counselor. now you may not have heard of this film which is surprising because it was directed by ridley scott . it starred brad pitt , penelope cruz .

>> what happened here?

>> it was completely nonsensical. you couldn't follow it even for a second and it was as if it was put together by a dirty minded 14-year-old boy who was drunk. it was really, really staggering and cameron diaz makes love to the windshield of a car.

>> they're going to put your characterization on the tv box.

>> let's talk about best tv show . breaking bad .

>> breaking bad . the greatest finale in the history of television . not only did they fulfill the promise of we're going to watch him turn into scarface which is what vince gilligan wanted to do but they succeeded so beautifully and the pay off was so great i. was so great that as much as you loved the show, by the end of it you didn't want anymore because you saw it end exactly the way it should.

>> pretty extraordinary.

>> i'm on worst duty. what was the worst show of the year?

>> the worst show, i hate to say it because we kind of like him, what would ryan lochte do? it didn't have any redeeming value. the show just set out to make you feel like, wow, that guy is stupid. that's sort of the moral to every episode. wow, he's stupid and i don't think that he is, he is clearly a fantastic athlete not shown in his best light in this show.

>> short lived show.

>> it was.

>> best music of the year.

>> greatest moment in music was beyonce. toward the end of the year, just last week. dropped this album. no advanced buzz, no advanced publicity. only one or two stars on the planet has the power to do that. immediately a million downloads. the songs are rich. they're beautiful. they're very edgy. you're not going to hear them in church. but they are really -- it really is an artistic achievement this album and she did all of the videos with it as well. the videos are gorgeous. really an amazing achievement.

>> let's end it on a down note. what's the worst song of 2013 .

>> at one point, brad paisely and l.l. cool j. came out with a song called the accidental racist and it was meant to be a conversation about prejudice and the way we need to get together and talk and it was just not really thought through so the accidental racist was accidentally racist.

>> oh, no.

>> i like them both. but it was a failed attempt at starting a conversation.

>> all right.

>> all right. a mixed bag in 2013 .

>> it was a mixed bag .

>> good to see you. happy new year. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.