TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

Keanu Reeves: New ‘Bill and Ted’ film possible

The celebrated actor talks about his new film, an adventure epic titled “47 Ronin.” He also tells Savannah Guthrie why he chooses to stay out of the Hollywood life, and offers hints about a new entry in the popular “Bill and Ted” film franchise.

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>> fantasy action movie 47 ronan. it's a story of real life samurai in japan who avenge the murder of their master. keanu reeves plays an outsider who is key in orchestrating reven revenge. keanu reeves , good morning. it's good to see you.

>> good morning, savannah.

>> i just saw this movie yesterday and the word that kept popping into my mind is epic. it's just one of those huge hollywood movies. is that what attracted you to it?

>> absolutely. it's like an epic story. it's big. it's big ideas . honor, sacrifice, revenge, impossible love . but it's also very intimate. so that's probably what i really liked about it was the scale and then the human intimacy in the story.

>> i think there is a little bit of something for everyone. there's the love and these big themes that are dramatic but it has a lot of really cool samurai sword fighting.

>> yea, there's samurai sword fighting and ogres and creatures. it's great.

>> you've done a lot of martial arts in films. but what did you have to do to learn how to do this?

>> i had to learn to use the japanese long sword which i had never used. i love movie fighting and how emotional it can be. the struggle of it. the contact. the beauty. the physicalness of it. so that was a really fun part of the show.

>> can i ask a dumb question? are you doing that with real swords?

>> yeah, you use wood. but eventually you have to go to steel and that's when you have to control the heart rate. you want to be a little more focused because if you miss it can go really wrong.

>> well, it's really exciting to watch and i was thinking about you because honestly we don't see you that often. you're choosey about your projects. is that on purpose? is that by stedesign?

>> yeah. you want to find the right project. yeah. i can just say that.

>> has there ever been one you said no to and you thought, i let that one pass me by.

>> the heartache and regret? yes but i can't talk about it. it's too painful.

>> i can bring a couch out.

>> do we have time for that.

>> all time in the world.

>> eggnog.

>> all you have to do is ask. eggnog please. all right. you're turning 50.

>> i am next year.

>> looking at you and being this close to you. i have to say just as a public service if you can let everyone know your skin care regimen.

>> it's ancestry. it's not me. i would probably take better care of myself but my ancestors gave me good genes.

>> they did indeed. is 50 something you think about? some people look at those as moments to reflect?

>> yes.

>> what are you reflecting upon?

>> i just reflect on the past and the future and just where are you and what do you hope to do? yeah.

>> you're somebody that doesn't seem to embrace the whole hollywood part of movie making . is that hard to do? are you ever tempted by that world or do you consciously try to avoid it?

>> i don't know. i'm a pretty low key person. you know, for me i'm interested in being able to tell stories and be a part of story telling . the stuff that's outside of that, outside of the work, you know, i like to have fun and get out once in awhile. but i'm pretty low key .

>> well, christmas is two days from now.

>> it is. christmas time .

>> and i was hoping that santa would put bill and ted's excellent adventure the sequel under the tree. how do you feel about it?

>> i'm open to the idea of that. i think it's pretty surreal. but we have a good story in that. oh, are you guys playing that.

>> yes, of course. how could we not?

>> that's funny.

>> but you can see the life and joy in those characters and i think the world can always use some life and joy.

>> so it's kind of in the works?

>> yeah. you know, there's a story. there's a script. we're trying to get the dough together to make the crazy story.

>> we'll get that with the eggnog.

>> thank you.

>> do the characters evolve at all?

>> no, they do, indeed, evolve. anyway. i can talk about it but i shouldn't talk about it but i could talk about it. but it's interesting.

>> all right. well, come back when you can talk about it.

>> thank you so much.

>> and 47 ronan is amazing. quite the adventure. thank you for telling us about it.

>> thank you.

>> opens on christmas day nationwide.