TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

Meet Sprout network’s ‘Kindest Kid,’ 7

TODAY’s Willie Geist talks to 7-year-old Emma Locke, who beat out 650 other children in the Sprout Network’s ”kindest kid contest,” after helping start an organization that sends customized toy boxes to siblings of children fighting terminal illnesses.

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>> of kindness can come in all shapes and sizes and the sprout network, a 24 hour preschool channel for parents and kids proved it with their search for the kindest kid. after narrowing the field they let the viewers vote for the winner. and she is with us now. 7-year-old emma is officially sprout's chief kindness officer. emma , that is so cool. how does it feel to have that big title?

>> well, it feels really good.

>> and your group, the organization you started is called lock boxes of love. why don't you explain to everybody watching what that is?

>> well, just a second. she's looking at herself on tv right over there. i know what that's like. i understand.

>> i'm sorry.

>> no, you're doing great, sweetie. you're doing great. why is it so important for you to help other little kids like yourself.

>> because they need happiness like everybody.

>> yes.

>> and what are you doing to help them get happiness.

>> i'm giving them presents.

>> yes.

>> around the holidays that's really important, isn't it? do you know there was 650 other kids that wanted to be the chief kindness officer and only you are? that's cool isn't it? emma , you're awesome and doing great work. thank you for being with us even out here in the rain and merry christmas .

>> thank you.

>> now go check yourself out on that tv over there.