TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

Sandra Lee gives TODAY a tour of her home

The celebrity cook and author, who shares a home with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, gives TODAY’s Jenna Bush Hager a tour of her beautiful home and explains why she’s called “Aunt Sandy Claus.”

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>> all right. well, by this time you probably have your tree decorated but do you have eight of them? well, food network host and best selling author sandra lee gave jenna bush -hager a tour.

>> the holidays are an important time for you. something you cherish. talk to me about your traditions?

>> well, in our home i like to decorate everything. so everywhere you turn it feels like christmas . home is all about christmas and as you see the house , you'll see that every separate room has its own personality.

>> and you guys spend christmas here in this house , right?

>> we bought the house about four years ago. so we haven't had that many christm christmases here but it's been very special.

>> you grew up in california and raised your brothers and sisters . do you remember holidays past when you were little ?

>> i am the oldest of the kids and our mother was sick and our father moved out of state and i was the boss. we didn't have christmas because we weren't raised to celebrate holidays or birthdays. so the first time we had christmas i was about 13.

>> do you think that because you didn't celebrate until you were 13 it's one of the reasons why you love this holiday so much now.

>> for me because we weren't raised celebrating holidays or birthdays that if it is a special occasion or holiday i really do it because for me it's still magical and still special. so yeah, there's a reason why they call me aunt sandy claus .

>> sandy claus ?

>> i love it.

>> this is a nostalgic christmas . you see antique santas and glitter and home. the tree topper is a house . a lot of people like to put them around their rooms but i put them on top of my tree.

>> you're going to give us a tour of your house .

>> the entire house . wait until i show you the dining room . come with me.

>> okay.

>> so this is our dining room . we call it the founding father's dining room . we have all the founding fathers on the wall plus lincoln.

>> i love that.

>> it's a picture of a founding father and a famous quote by him and then a copy of a letter he hand wrote. and i wanted to do this room in victorian. so you see all the pretty flowers and you see the christmas balls and the sleighs and the vcandles and on the tree we have cookie cutters.

>> i love the cookie cutters. this is something that people could do at home.

>> so this is a replica of your house .

>> this is a replica of my house and this is our gazebo.

>> i love it.

>> it's completely edible and whenever i feel like i need a sugar i break off a piece from the back and eat it.

>> let's break off a little sugar.

>> let's have a little sugar.

>> and then our elf on the shelf is of course over our bag from aunt sandy claus to toys for to thes.

>> i love that.

>> you can take that with you. remember, you're not supposed to touch the elf on the shelf. that's the deal. this is really the night before christmas .

>> i love that.

>> i started with the book and everything is about santa and it gets magical. so then i just took jars and filled them with candy so everything matched and then this is really kind of the room, the centerpiece. all of the shelving units are done. this is just cotton and my little elves with my trees and my houses and then i went and got little gifts and a little snow man and the nutcracker and then the edging, i just edged the houses and the roof tops with it so it all tied in. but you can't eat this.

>> i can't. i tried earlier and it didn't work.

>> don't forget your santa bag. toys for to thes.

>> thank you for getting that for us. cheers.

>> cheers everybody. merry christmas .

>> who feels inadequate.

>> every time i see her or martha's home around christmas i'm like oh my gosh. the rest of us have no chance.

>> they have it.

>> they have little elves that come in and get it done.

>> the 7 foot fake christmas tree in the corner.

>> you do?

>> all of my stuff is in storage up in boston.

>> love that.

>> no excuse dylan.

>> my mom's tree started dying two days after. so we played santa and grabbed the old tree and put it in a tree body bag and got it out of there and got her a brand new tree really quick.

>> you guys go all out for halloween. what about christmas ?

>> christmas is a big deal as well. i love decorating and the kids love decorating. it's the clean up.

>> yeah.

>> coming up guys, someone we rarely get to see. keanu