TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

Passengers scrunch as airlines rethink cabins

As airlines continue to examine every possible money-saving avenue, many are redesigning the cabin experience by shrinking leg room, restricting eclining options and offering fewer galleys and bathrooms.

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>> absolutely. we travel all the time. so many people traveling for the holidays. here's the question for you, should you be allowed to recline your seats? i think so.

>> yeah.

>> right.

>> i get the controversy, though.

>> we ask because a growing number of airlines are limiting our ability to relax mid flight. for example, spirit airlines is using their so-called pre-reclined seats. i've been a victim of it. and if that wasn't enough, make sure you bring a pillow when you're flying. they're limiting the cushion in the seat.

>> what?

>> they're using less material to make the seat. you can't recline and this is when it's good being 5'4" because i can curl up.

>> how does that work for willie.

>> i think they misread our complaints. we were looking for more comfortable.

>> they're adding more seats. it's a huge amount of money. adding six seats to an airplane.

>> yeah.

>> how are they measuring the stuffing?

>> yeah.

>> they all sit on it.

>> can i ask you guys a question? if you're in the middle seat and you have to get up to use the bathroom, do you ask the person in the aisle to get up or do you shimmy past them?

>> that is like, you know, your rear end is like right there in your face.