TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

Man returns $1,000 mistakenly given to him

A waitress scrambled to return $1,000 to a man who dropped it, but ended up giving it to the wrong man. The man later returned the money to the waitress, saying he had also had cash on him for shopping and mistakenly thought it was his.

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>> for the hashbrowns too. there's a waitress that tried to do the right thing. she got a surprise. samantha knight noticed a customer left behind a lot of cash totaling $1,000 at her florida restaurant last week. she ran after the customer to return it to him. but she returned it to the wrong man. samantha said she never thought she would see him again or that money again but on sunday he returned to her restaurant with the money and an apology.

>> he said i feel so sorry. he said i don't want anyone to think i am a crook. i assumed it was mine. it could have fallen out of my wallet. the man then gave her $100 for her troubles and the real owner of the money gave her the $1,000 she found. she is pregnant and said this money will be a huge help to her and her child.

>> happy ending.