TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

Holiday haggling may get you a last-minute deal

NBC’s Katy Tur offers a few tips on how to negotiate discounts at popular retailers, as shoppers rush to beat the Yuletide deadline.

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>>> we have a money saving idea before you head out to complete the holiday shopping, haggling, it turns out, not just for flea markets anymore. katie gave it a try. good morning.

>> reporter: you have two days to shop before christmas and the phrase i want what i want and i want it now might be one worth practicing. from department stores to the big box retailers the art of haggling made a quite come back.

>> when you haggle down a price , it could range anywhere from 20% to 50%.

>> reporter: she's not kidding. here at best buy they call it their low price guarantee.

>> cheaper one of our online competitors or local retail competitors, low price guarantee has it covered and we'll match it for you.

>> is there some way i can get it cheaper?

>> reporter: it's not unusual to just ask for a better day .

>> i'm not going to pay more than $90 for the head phones . are you going to give them to me or am i going to walk out of here?

>> i'll make sure we accommodate you as much as possible on the price . if have to make an exception as the leader of the store to take care of a customer i'm never going to say no to that or to you.

>> if that doesn't work, there's extra incentives like a longer warranty and set up.

>> the answer isn't no. the answer is you don't know. now find me someone that does.

>> reporter: harriet said she has been doing it for years and considers herself something as an expert in the art of negotiating.

>> the better retail stores are willing to work with you.

>> bloomingdales.

>> well let's say the outlets over the retail store but everybody is pretty accommodating.

>> reporter: people have haggled at in ordnordstroms, barnes & noble and kohls. some even have bargaining parameters.

>> would you ever say could i get 10% off?

>> yes. as a matter of fact i did that once.

>> did it work?

>> no.

>> reporter: it didn't work for rita but here's some tips. always come prepared. know what other stores are selling it for. that way you can haggle for a better deal. ask if they'll match a price and remember your first reaction could be your best reaction. if you are shocked by the sticker price , show it. it could work to your advantage. and do not be afraid to leave. willie, i know you're a master at the walk out.

>> just walk away . you have to know when to walk away .

>> can you do your i'm shocked at the sticker price