TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

Despite rough run, Lindsey Vonn still set on Sochi

The Olympic gold medalist, who suffered an ACL tear earlier this year, had a rough run over the weekend at the World Cup in France. However, Vonn says she still intends to compete in the Olympic Games in Sochi.

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>> go until the winter olympics and lindsey vonn is recovering from another set back. she missed a gate and clutched her injured near during a downhill event in france over the weekend but she insists her sights are still set firmly on sochi .

>> so lindsey vonn now ready to kick out of her gate. all eyes were on lindsey vonn and her right knee as she took off downhill at the world cup in france on saturday.

>> look at her loading up the right knee there. no problems what so ever. she is close. she is in touch here in this one.

>> but about halfway through her run she lost herbal.

>> oh, ouch.

>> and there you saw it, the knee. no stability what so ever.

>> vonn skied out after missing a gate. hunched over in pain but still standing and then skied to the finish.

>> i was going fast and i hit a compression and my right knee just didn't hold up. it gave out and i tried to pressure again and it gave out again.

>> with less than o two months until the olympics it's a painful set back.

>> well, you know, it's -- yes, i am. i guess i am suffering a little bit.

>> suffering but still olympic bound.

>> she was very close to the fastest time before going out so the answer is yes, she can compete for a medal.

>> vonn has not ruled out further competition. bummed about today. skiing with no acl is hard. we'll see how it responds over the next few days and then make a plan with the #not giving up and sochi 2014 .

>> i'm trying to make it through the season and get to the olympics and do the best i can there. it's tough.

>> a tough road ahead but still leading straight to sochi .

>> we have all spent time around lindsey vonn but you wonder, she keeps hurting the knee and keeps hurting the knee.

>> did i hear her right? she said i have no acl.

>> yeah.

>> she said she will be there. her teammate finished 14. she is racing with a hairline fracture in her arm. we're a little banged up.