TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

Prince Harry, wounded veterans head home after trek

The prince and the team of wounded veterans, who fought dangerous weather while on an Antarctic trek for charity, have returned home.

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>> thanks dylan.

>> prince harry and his group of wounded warriors returned home to a hero's welcome this morning following their trip to the bottom of the earth. duncan is at heathrow airport this morning. duncan, good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. not even this london weather could dampen the joy here today as families welcome back veterans from the u.s. and u.k. who trekked 200 miles across the antarctic. cheers and hugs this morning for a hero's return. missing from the add venturous prince harry . after leaving the team, he returned to london alone. last spotted out shopping in south africa still sporting his own personal souvenir. that bright, bushy beard.

>> i think we all turn around and look and see him there and say is that really prince harry ? but he was harry and a teammate and great fun to be with. he applied himself well.

>> reporter: it wasn't just royalty joining the veterans, it was actors too. pulling heavy sleighs they travelled across antarctica in freezing temperatures. three of the team members suffered frostbite. this was a chance to show that life changing is injuries can be overcome. she was injured in baghdad.

>> for me, it has given me a boost knowing that i can go to the south pole so why can't i start working again.

>> reporter: team usa returned home this afternoon. no confirmation on whether prince harry will be joining the rest of the royal family for christmas but that would be con convenient for dropping off gifts. savannah.

>> thank you so much. we can report flight 732 just