TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

Two members of Russian punk band freed from prison

The women who remained imprisoned over a protest in Moscow were released Monday under an amnesty deal. NBC’s Jim Maceda reports.

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>> band members jailed over a protest in moscow were released from prison early under an amnesty deal. jim talked to one of the band members earlier. he is in russia with the latest.

>> reporter: that's right. earlier today she was released from a prison much closer to moscow than we are here in siberia where her fellow member was released just this evening. both are mothers of young children. maria told reporters she was feeling physically and mentally okay as she left prison with her lawyer. she now wants to pursue a human rights career and lost no time today meeting with a local chapter of the committee against torture adding that she's not afraid to do anything anymore. meanwhile, nadia told me in that interview she is joining maria in a human rights career as well. she thought that the pardon that freed her was an act of weakness on the part of president putin because it came with a few months to go in her jail term. she can't wait to go home and bond with family and friends and all of those that got her through what she called a nightmare.