TODAY   |  December 23, 2013

At least 9 dead in series of extreme weather

The Midwest was hammered by deadly storms and flooding over the weekend and ice storms ravaged parts of the Northeast, while record warm weather was reported along the east coast. NBC’s Dylan Dreyer reports.

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>> this morning.

>>> at least nine deaths blamed on storms that produced everything from tornadoes to a dangerous ice storm . half a million people without power nationwide.

>> by late last night, more than 700 flights had been cancelled. another 11,000 delayed. just in time for the christmas holiday . what do we have in store for today.

>> today is mostly just rain. heavy rain at that across the southeast. but this whole storm system we saw everything with it and we had our fair share of wild weather this weekend.

>> reporter: look out. holiday shoppers jump for cover as sheets of ice fall from the top of an outlet mall . no one was hurt. the danger further north, an ice storm downed tree limbs from the upper midwest to new england. 300,000 lost power in michigan alone. crews have been working in the bitter cold, temperatures in the teens to get the power back on.

>> they bring in extra crews from out of state. it's an effort to get them lined up where to go and what to do.

>> reporter: five people drowned along washed out roads in kentucky while drivers in indiana abandoned their cars to rising waters. in hughes, arkansas they're picking up the pieces after a tornado touched down saturday. one person was killed and four were hurt. heavy winds caused gridlock at airports. departure boards lit up with delays and cancelled flights. 700 flights cancelled in all frustrating early holiday travelers. it's looking like christmas in wisconsin. the city got half a foot of snow.

>> it's made it a nice setting for a white christmas .

>> reporter: it was a completely different story along the east coast , record warm temperatures sunday in new york, philadelphia, and delaware. not exactly what skaters had in mind when they flocked to the rink at rockefeller center .

>> i knew it was going to be warm but i didn't know it was going to be that watery.

>> reporter: skating in short sleeves days before christmas.

>> i wish it was a little colder.

>> still warm and rainy across rockefeller center but you can see we do have ice. that's the biggest concern this morning. the potential to a quarter inch to half an inch of ice. but elsewhere, heavy rain , perhaps a couple of inches of rain but then as we go into the holiday we're looking for things to clear out. in fact, tuesday, christmas day itself, looks a whole lot better.

>> dylan, thanks. back to reality