TODAY   |  December 22, 2013

Scottos share Italian family feast for Christmas Eve

The Scotto family started their tradition of making “A Night of Seven Fishes” years ago, and now the family tradition is celebrated in their popular New York restaurant. The Scottos stopped by Studio 1A to teach the anchors how it is prepared.

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>>> say it smells amazing would be a gross understatement. i'm happy you're all here.

>> thank you.

>> before there was a restaurant, this has always been your family's christmas eve dinner.

>> all these foods we're making today i made in my home. and when we opened the restaurant, i took it all with me to the restaurant.

>> i love that.

>> they're all traditional dishes. this is the fish salad, and this is our rock shrimp with taglini. i have in here some charlottes and garlic. i'm putting some zucchini.

>> a little squash.

>> yes. and then i want some shrimp.

>> a and this is lobster here, too.

>> this is crab meat .

>> sorry.

>> it's okay. clearly i need another lesson with you. erica, can i have -- i now have to put in some wine.

>> as you're doing this, what is it about the feast of the seven fishes on christmas eve ?

>> seven with the italians or in the catholic faith , it's very important. there's seven days, seven apostles, everything is a seven. so it's a very important number. why there's only seven fish, i don't know.

>> let's talk about the sooum pech chie.

>> we're going to add italianwise, a little fennel and shallots on top of that. we'll add tomatoes.

>> tomatoes, wine.

>> i'll add oregano, red pepper for a little spice. we'll add a little shell stock and white wine . let that reduce, probably 15, 20 minutes . then we'll add our vegetables in.

>> calamari, mussels, shrimp.

>> let's not overlook dessert you guys.

>> so here we are making cannoli. this is a classic sicilian dessert.

>> what's the cheese? i've always wondered that?

>> we have ricotta in the pot. we'll add mascarpone. these are two classic italian cheeses.

>> i knew i shouldn't use swiss.

>> no.

>> some sugar. orange and lemon zest . of course, the trick with anything in baking is the vanilla. i'm going to ask you girls to stuff -- you can buy your shells.