TODAY   |  December 22, 2013

Couples find each other on Facebook, work together to beat infertility

From the day couple Sandi and Philip met, they knew they wanted to have kids together. But their road to getting pregnant took a detour, and opened their lives up to a very special friendship with another couple. TODAY’s Kyle Michael Miller reports.

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>>> for couples trying to get pregnant, infertility can be frustrating, heartbreaking and very isolating. often people don't understand what it's like unless they've been through it themselves. that's when the importance of true friendship comes in. kyle michael miller has the story of two couples sharing a lot more than friendship these days. good morning.

>> good morning. good to see you. this is such a great, great story. sandy and phillip went through years of badding infertility and it looked like all hope was lost until they found new friends on facebook. now their family of two is about to grow to four. from the day sandy and phillip met, they always knew they wanted to have kids. but their road to getting pregnant took a detour.

>> it definitely didn't turn out like we thought it would.

>> quickly things were going nowhere . negative test after negative test.

>>> another couple, andrea and mark were just as eager to start a family.

>> i ended up getting pregnant one time. we had an early loss. a few months after that we decided to seek help.

>> reporter: did you ever think this journey was going to be so difficult?

>> never.

>> reporter: both couples started ivf treatments at a fertility center near washington, d.c. called shady grove .

>> within the first two weeks they were already talking to me about a gestational carrier.

>> reporter: feeling frustrated and alone they each turned to facebook. that's where they found each other online.

>> once i started talking with her, itches like oh, my gosh. here is somebody going through the same thing. we had the same doctor at shady grove fertility.

>> we just connected immediately with them, both of them.

>> reporter: as their friend ship grew, they finally got good news.

>> i see one. i see two heartbeats. twins? we're going to have twins? it was so surreal.

>> reporter: in february 2012 , andrea gave birth to twins, connor and avery. they named sandy and phillip the god parents . but they weren't as successful conceiving. after four failed ivf cycles sandy and phillip started considering another option.

>> i just kind of blurted out, i'll carry for you. i can do it.

>> i couldn't believe that was actually coming out of their mouth.

>> eight months later she was pregnant again. this time for sandy and phillip .

>> you're at the highest point you can ever be in your life, and at about 8 1/2 weeks we lost the pregnancy. and you go to the lowest point.

>> reporter: they tried a second treatment. it failed.

>> our ultimate goal was for them to have kids. we never gave up.

>> reporter: and then they tried a third.

>> i can remember seeing the images come up on the ultrasound, and i could see the two sacks, and then there were two heartbeats.

>> reporter: andrea is in the eighth month of a healthy pregnancy. in the meantime, they've gotten a taste of what life will be like with little kids running around the house. those are cute kids. sandy and phillip had a unique way to announce they were expecting. their birth announcement said, "their buns, my oven." the twins, emily and grayson will arrive in the beginning of february.

>> they seem like two wonderful couples. what a great start to their new year.