TODAY   |  December 22, 2013

NFL player hosts Florida teen seeking adoption

An orphaned child from Florida was so determined to find a family he made an emotional plea to packed church. His story spread across the nation, and now he’s spending the holidays in New York with a special host. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>>> an up lifting update to a story we told you about in october when 15-year-old foster child davion stood up in front of a packed church in florida and made an emotional plea for a family to adopt him. people around the country heard his story and offered to help him including a new york jet who brought him to new york for a special weekend. nbc's ron allen is here to tell us more about the story. ron, good morning.

>> good morning to you, lester. ever since the new york jet david nelson heard davion's story, he's been determined to try and help him. he's trying to up lift his spirits with a whirlwind trip christmas holiday here in new york city . it's all pretty over will ing for a teenager born to a mother in prison who spent his life in foster care . this weekend davion only is on the trip of a lifetime with an nfl rising star who knows his way around town enjoying everything the big apple has to offer at christmas.

>> when he stepped out the first time and said why are there so many people here? this whole street is packed with people.

>> reporter: times square . shopping for video games , a holiday lunch and, of course, the rockefeller center tree.

>> a great day. trying to give him a crash course of christmas in the city. he's never been to the city before. his opportunity to take in the beauty of the season.

>> all nfl . all nfl .

>> reporter: how did you learn about him?

>> i was actually getting ready to go to practice. i got a text message from a friend of mine who knows my heart. a link to an article that said orphan kid appeals to church looking for family.

>> reporter: the story was about davion's emotional visit to a florida church last fall in search of a family willing to adopt him, he made many plea to the congregation. i'll take anyone, old or young, dad or mom, black, white, purple. i don't care, and i would be really appreciative, the best i could be.

>> just to have a family. he doesn't want money, doesn't want material things. he wants to be loved and be connected with somebody is going to support him. for me that was extremely powerful.

>> reporter: it's not the first time this 6'5", 215-pound athlete has been boled over by a child. it happened two years ago on a trip to haiti. nelson and his brothers now run a non-profit called i'm me. they soon hope to be legal guardians of 22 haitian children. now he's trying to figure out the best way to help davion.

>> i told him today, even if he doesn't go through the legalities of being adopted, he still has a family, people who care about him, will support him, who will be there for him.

>> of all things, what's your favorite?

>> everything.

>> david nelson 's foundation i am me paid for davion's trip to new york and the fun continues this afternoon with a trip to a new york jets game. davion remains hopeful that very soon he'll find his friend family.

>> such a great story. ron, thanks very much.