TODAY   |  December 22, 2013

Lindsey Vonn: I'm ‘trying to do the best I can’ after injury

Olympic Champ Lindsey Vonn is back in Colorado this morning, after another setback on her path to Sochi. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>> skier lindsay vonn is back home in colorado this morning and speaking out about the knee injury that forced her off the course at the world cup competition in france on saturday. the big question now, will she be able to compete at the winter olympics in sochi ? mike taibbi has the latest.

>> reporter: olympic champ lindsay vonn is back in colorado this morning after another setback on her path to sochi . deep into a downhill run saturday, the 29-year-old raised her left leg to hold her balance when her surgically repaired left knee buckled. her her boyfriend tiger woods looking on, she was in obvious pain.

>> i have no acl . yes, i guess i'm suffering a little bit.

>> no acl , not just a partial tear as had been reported ten months ago in austria. the acl , anterior cruciate ligament is one of the four main cables to stabilize the knee, especially traveling down icy slopes at world class speed.

>> you can imagine what she's going through, not just the physical pain , but the psychological impact of having a knee that may at some point at 75 miles an hour give out on you. very vonn says she and woods have talked about how champions play through pain. he himself last tasted glory when he won the 2008 u.s. open on a broken leg , something reported afterwards saying you may have just seen the best of me. though vonn has made progress on her march towards sochi , her own stubborn confidence has been shaken.

>> it's just hard because i'm skiing well. i'm trying to make it through the season and get to the olympics and do the best i can there. it's definitely tough.

>> reporter: now she awaits a new diagnosis just six weeks before the olympics. a past champion who may be on the verge of collapse. for "today" mike taibbi , nbc news, los angeles .