TODAY   |  December 21, 2013

After controversy, is ‘Duck Dynasty’ done for?

The controversy over "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson's  unfiltered thoughts has brought controversy to the highly rated A&E show, and it’s not clear how to show will continue. E! News’ Alicia Quarles shares the details with TODAY’s Lester Holt and Natalie Morales.

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>>> this morning, on "today's" hollywood headlines will the hit show "duck dynasty" be able to continue and jimmy fallon and justin timberlake continue their romance tonight on "saturday night live."

>> alicia breaks it down for us. let's talk about the "duck dynasty" controversy. paul robertson is pulled off the air. the rest of the family is standing behind him. what is going to happen?

>> the new season is set to air in january and still suspended but it's already taped so either they can minimize what he is going to be in the show but can't take him out completely. also this is a money maker . a&e's highest rate show area. the family pulled in 400 million last year for the merchandising. it's a battle over money.

>> a question too because a&e owns the prioritiary rights to the show. could the family take their show to another network right now?

>> they can't take it to another network right now. they would to wait out the contract. also look at they have got million dollar deal with walmart worth 200 million and brought in from walmart alone. but the family's business, the duck business, is worth $50 million. financially, no matter what happens, the family will be okay.

>> i know some people have tried to make it into a paula dean comparison.

>> she appealed to everybody at that time her demographic. their demographic is different. the family makes no joapologies over it.

>> i'm not sure people are necessarily surprised if you're a fan.

>> if you're a fan these comments were surprising.

>> let's move on. something we are looking forward to around here in the "snl." the bromance partner of jimmy fallon and justin timberlake .

>> every time they do something, it goes viral. these two have known each other since 2002 and they just have great chemistry together. justin timberlake five times host and jim fallon twice since he left "snl."

>> i know high hopes that katy perry -- katie couric 's show is cancelled.

>> the market is oversaturated and everybody seems to have a talk show and a lot of people are going digital, including katie who has a deal with yahoo! to be the face of their news.

>> is there any hope for a current talk show host ?

>> some are doing really well. arsenio hal's show is doing excellent and latifah but it's a hard market.

>>> the worst movies of between have been relieved and topping the list is --

>> it topped it and probably should top it. it was pretty bad and it bombed. a king of summer. he studies the formula so people were surprised this movie did bad but it was pretty bad. "sharknado" also made the list, along with "after earth."

>> it was so bad it was good.

>> you could be on the best and worst movie. worst movie of all time.

>> i love that scene. twilight shricht twilight!

>> what is the worst movie of all time? "twilight."

>> i wanted to watch that.

>> it's so bad, it's good.

>> i agree with you.

>> thank you, alicia. watch e news week nights at 7:00 eastern and pacific.