TODAY   |  December 21, 2013

Retailers offer deals, discounts for Super Saturday

Super Saturday is expected to be the second-biggest day of what's been a relatively ho-hum season for retailers. Shoppers can expect to see all kinds of sales, discounts and extended hours at stores hoping to incentivize customers into buying. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>>> expect stores to be packed as super saturday, the second busiest shopping day of the season. ron allen has more on what you can expect.

>> reporter: good morning. you can expect to see a lot of sales, discounts, extended hours and a lot of procrastinators at stores that are hoping you'll finally open up your wallets and give them something to celebrate this holiday season . america's retailers could use something more than super this saturday. it's a tough holiday season so far. sales down slightly from last year.

>> the deals are important, very important.

>> people are still feeling uneasy about the economy and holding on to their dollars more.

>> reporter: a shorter season hasn't helped with thanksgiving falling late in november. old man winter blasted many parts of the country early, keeping shoppers at home. still, retailers have hope. surveys say nearly 90% of you still have not finished your list.

>> i am a procrastinator when it comes to christmas shopping . i hate christmas shopping ! but i love christmas!

>> reporter: so super saturday will feature those open early and often black friday tactics. kohl's opened five days straight through christmas eve and toys "r" us opening 80 straight hours and macy's and k-mart will keep stores open 100 hours in a row until christmas eve .

>> they will try to pull out all of the stops to get that customer to spend their last dollars.

>> reporter: that, while target tries to keep its customers, after a computer breach exposed personal data from 40 million credit and debit cards.

>> scares me to death. i shop to target all the time.

>> reporter: target ceo says the issue has been identified and eliminated. that another similar situations, they are typically low levels of actual fraud. this critical weekend, we are extending a 10% discount.

>> probably they are the most secure place on the planet at this tick moment. it will hurt them and people would have gone there and now swing over to walmart.

>> reporter: target is yet to reveal how many cases of actual card fraud have been committed or what amount of money is involved. they continue to say any victims of fraud will not be held financially responsible and you can bet this weekend anyone using a credit card will be or should be watching their accounts