TODAY   |  December 21, 2013

Watch teachers take the wheel of an out-of-control school bus

Two teachers from South Carolina are being hailed as heroes for what they did to protect their students when their bus went out of control. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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>>> this morning, we are hearing from the two teachers who jumped into action when their school bus driver fell out of his seat while driving the bus and as mark potter tells us, it all made for some terrifying moments for the elementary school students on board, but, luckily, everyone is okay.

>> reporter: what began as a fourth grade field trip from this element school to south carolina 's bull island turned dangerous on the road home when the bus driver ran a stop sign and almost lost control on a sharp left turn . [ screaming ]

>> reporter: the bus swerved so severely and veered into a drainage ditch, that the driver was thrown clear out of his seat. right away, sign language interpreter lee morris jumped up to grab the wheel and steady the bus which was filled with 26 children and their chaperones.

>> okay, okay.

>> reporter: also moving quickly was teacher amy ryan .

>> let me get the brake.

>> reporter: who jumped into the drive's seat to put on the brakes. [ screaming ]

>> reporter: with the bus stopped, it was determined that no one was injured and the driver, who was later ticketed and lost his job, was helped back into his seat. teacher ryan says as the bus approached the intersection, she knew there would be trouble.

>> somebody said kind of stop, stop sign , stop. you could tell that the bus driver was just going too fast to stop.

>> reporter: and morris explained what happened when they went in the ditch.

>> that's when the driver lost his seat. and because of the curve of the turn of the wheels, we came back out of the ditch, but that's when i was able to jump up and grab the wheel and keep it going down the road straight.

>> reporter: now there are 26 students and their parents in south carolina grateful for those teachers. for "today," mark potter , nbc news.