TODAY   |  December 21, 2013

Lindsey Vonn loses balance during race in France

Skier Lindsey Vonn is having a rollercoaster of a season. In a downhill run in France, Vonn lifted her ski off the snow and missed a gate, telling reporters afterward that her knee just gave way. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>>> come back from a knee injury , it's a slow road to recovery and this morning, a bit of a scare during her race in france when she missed a gate. she pulls off the course and appears to be in pain. anna bell roberts is in london with more on that. what are we hearing from the course?

>> reporter: lester, lindsey vonn is having a roller coaster of a season. on that downhill run she briefly missed a gate and then glided over to the safety netting as her boyd tiger woods looked on. she told the associated press afterwards that her knee just gave way. but, of course, anything that even hints at pain, all injury is alarming. back in february, you'll remember it was her right knee that she badly injured racing in austria then. she had major surgery and things were going well but she injured that same right knee a month ago so she has to push back her world cup return after she got over that. seven weeks to go until the sochi olympics . she says she still hopes to be ready. fingers crossed that this is not a setback.