TODAY   |  December 20, 2013

Check out the hottest flicks opening on Christmas

E! News Correspondent Jason Kennedy shares the must-see movies opening on Christmas Day, including the Martin Scorsese- directed “The Wolf of Wall Street,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and “The Secret life of Walter Mitty,” directed by and starring Ben Stiller.

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>>> christmas is always a big day at the box office .

>> there are all kinds of fun films. here to give us the insiders look is e! news correspondent and our good pal jason kennedy .

>> a lot of movies happening.

>> like six.

>> i think seven.

>> that's unusual. my first one is "wolf of wall street " because it's my favorite actor, leonardo dicaprio . it's based on a true story . it's a martin scorsese film. jonah hill 's in it, matthew mcconaughey . it's not a killedd's movie. running time of about three hour. leo was nominated for a golden globe .

>> is it wall streetish, like kind of like that a little bit?

>> yeah.

>> "the secret life of walter miltie."

>> ben stiller , kristen wiig . he's had this anonymous life, just going through the motions .

>> the invisible guy.

>> not really enjoying work but at work he always is day dreaming . finally, he gives into those daydreams and goes on this wild epic adventure. i've heard good things. it looks interesting.

>> is this a remake? what was "the secret life of walter mitty ," i've heard of it --

>> i believe it was a book or remake of a movie. i got to do my research a little bit better on that.

>> i'm sorry.

>> somebody's been having a little too much --

>> kate, was it a remake?

>> it was a book.

>> it was a book, i guess i was right.

>> we should explain why you might be nervous.

>> his mother's here.

>> mom makes him nervous.

>> how cute is she?

>> look at that top hat .

>> all bundled up. because she's from ft. lauderdale, florida.

>> just for this, just for my segment.

>> to see her boy.

>> love mama.

>> the next movie, "the invisible woman ."

>> directed by ralph fiennes . he plays charles dickens , of course, the world's most beloved author. it focuses on his crazy wild affair with a 17-year-old actress at the time. sir charles wallace 45 years old. he was married for 20 years. he had 10 kids. nobody knew this was going on until after his death.

>> this is true?

>> this is an accurate portrayal.

>> who plays the young -- is that scarlett johansson ? who plays the young girl ?

>> it's not scarlett johansson .

>> kate, who's the --

>> kristin --

>> okay, but felicity's in it as well.

>> all right, there we go.

>> kate winslet is in the next one you like. " labor day ."

>> she got nominated for a golden globe . she's a divorced mom. she's depressed. she goes to the store with her boy. all of a sudden, josh approaches them, insists they take him home. turns out he's a convict on the run. but starts falling for the convict on the run.

>> oh, no.

>> she's great in this.

>> it is josh brolin after all.

>> got to help a little bit. i've heard great things about this. we end with "august osage county ." they made some changes.

>> we loved the play.

>> not really to the movie but the release date , it's not december 25th anymore, they moved it to december 27th . a limited release in new york and l.a. then going wide in january.

>> yeah, a lot of oscar nominations.

>> absolutely, julia and meryl streep . you can't go wrong in this. they both got a golden globe nomination. it's family dysfunction, a dark movie, but wonderful, wonderful cast, ensemble.

>> our crack research team has come up with some information.

>> "the secret life of walter mitty " was a film in 1947 .

>> who starred in it?

>> it was danny kay .

>> i loved him.

>> it was a book, like i said.

>> who wrote it?

>> i believe james thurboro i believe.

>> that's right.

>> you're a genius.

>> thank you, jason.

>> hey, i'll be here all