TODAY   |  December 20, 2013

Adorable! Meet the cutest babies of the week

Check out these adorable viewer-submitted photos for “Johnson’s Baby of the Week.”

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>> time for today's johnson's baby announcement.

>> celebrating new moms and they're adorable new families. samantha grace. she was born october, in mesa, california. the little girl 's mom says baby samantha has already become best friends with the family's two dogs. send a picture of that. we'd love to see it. now to a baby born in mobile, alabama. colin brett. he weighs 8 pounds, 15 ounces at birth and his parents offered this advice to new parents, savor every sleeping moment you can get.

>> next up is logan. he was born in virginia. his mom and dad say their son is a real busy bee who can't seem to stay still.

>> that's right. our final johnson's baby of the week is sadie fern. oh, my goodness. born on november 4th in waterloo, iowa. her mom says little sadie loves to cuddle and watch hoda and kathie lee . we could get her in here. congratulations. go to