TODAY   |  December 20, 2013

Make delicious roasted brie with jam appetizers

If you’re running out of time this holiday season, Brian Malarkey, executive chef of Enlightened Hospitality, has great ideas for holiday appetizers, like roasted brie with a cranberry apple jam, and a no-carb crab cake.

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>> with the greatest name ever. the executive chef has recipes we can make in minutes.

>> thanks for having me.

>> all right. what we're doing here is going to make a little cranberry apple jam. something really simple. if you don't have time, get really great jam. we have am going on there. we have apple, some cranberry. a little bit of sugar. we can do a little bit of orange zest . super easy. make it well in advance. you're good with the herbs, al.

>> okay.

>> touch of orange juice .

>> how long do you cook that down to?

>> until it breaks down. the cranberries break down. we have a little sugar going on there. we'll do a little bit right here.

>> yeah.

>> and we're going to throw those on the grill.

>> yeah.

>> they brown up.

>> we can put them in the oven also.

>> what kind of bread?

>> baguette. anything that's laying around. it doesn't matter if it's fresh because we're going to toast it back up.

>> how big of a chunk of brie should you have?

>> as big as you're in the mood for.

>> we can top it with that. so that comes out nice and bubbly. and this one i love right here. this is our crab cake with tabasco caviar. what we do is we actually don't use any bread at all. this is a little egg and we bake it in the muffin tin .

>> bigger tins there if you want to have it more as an entree. finger food here. a little bit of chive on top.

>> talk to me about the tabasco caviar.

>> you take oil and eat it up and drop it in and it forms balls. it is amazing. and if you guys ever make it out to san diego or los angeles , i have restaurants out there, al and i keep it real. my restaurants are named sere sucker.

>> that's fantastic.

>> that will wake you up in the morning.

>> got to try this.

>> super easy. super fun. try them. come visit me in january in california for the restaurant month and check out our new restaurant.