TODAY   |  December 20, 2013

Young man with Down syndrome gets big surprise

Twenty-year-old Ryan Holcombe has Down syndrome, and the thrilling moment when he read his college acceptance later has melted the hearts of thousands online. TODAY’s Carson Daly reports.

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>> acceptance letters.

>> yeah. and rejections.

>> and rejections.

>> sure.

>> it's obviously a thrilling and emotional moment and that especially true for ryan holcomb who has down syndrome. he was just accepted into a program at clemson university in south carolina designed for student with learning disabilities . ryan's parents say they're so excited for him but like many parents they're not quite ready for him to move out.

>> look at the reaction.

>> it says yes. what do you say?

>> yes. it's crazy. yes.

>> oh. great moment there.

>> great.

>> he's going to be attending clemson's life program. it's a program for kids with disabilities. it's a great program.

>> it's a huge next chapter in your life for any of us and that letter just symbolizing that. wow, i have been accepted and that's a great universal feeling.

>> there's a voice on the tape either a mom or sister saying you're a college student . that's really cool.

>> well, so what are you like, you know, the most annoying words of 2013 ? the folks did a survey. here is what they found and coming in 5th place, obviously.