TODAY   |  December 20, 2013

Study: More dads want to be hands-on with kids

A new study from the Centers for Disease Control found that 9 out of 10 dads say they bathe, change diapers and dress their kids several times several times in a week, challenging the stereotype that dads just want to be hands-off taskmasters.

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>>> and al, you guys are most modern evolved dads.

>> i think so.

>> very hands on dads.

>> but we all remember when this was the ideal father figure.

>> i'm not going to bargain with you.

>> oh, mr. cleaver. in the 50s and 60s it was all about that but according to a myth busting report from the cdc, today's fathers are no longer happy to be those stern hands-off. nine out of ten dads say they bathe, diaper and dress their kids two times a week and two out of three helped with homework and the more involved the dad is the better the potential outcome is for that child.

>> i was really hands on with jack. my first kid. it does dwindle a little bit. i haven't changed as many dirty diapers. i'm owning it right now.

>> yeah.

>> it backed off a little bit but of course you share in those things and you want to be a part of all of that.

>> i was lucky. my dad was hands on. he was a bus driver and way ahead of his time and when he was there, he was there.

>> which one of you could change a diaper faster? not that it's a competition.

>> i do it every day. he has been out of practice for awhile. i can change al's diapers very fast.

>> in fact, he did this morning.