TODAY   |  December 20, 2013

Ethan Hawke: Macbeth is a ‘physical’ role

The actor talks to TODAY about his Broadway role as Shakespeare’s Macbeth, a role he says is physically demanding. He also reveals which movie he wants to win TODAY’s holiday movie bracket.

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>>> on this you can stop by. you can also get on and contribute to the toy drive. this is the 20th year.

>> coming up, another holiday tradition. this morning, we're giving to a remarkable group doing good things in one of america's finest cities.

>> but first, we'll say hello to ethan hawke . good morning to you.

>> thank you for doing elf duty. the role on broadway is a tad more complicated. you're playing macbeth. is that intimidating?

>> more intimidating than playing an elf.

>> it's more of a physical role i heard you say. explain that. people are surprised to hear you say that.

>> shakespeare writes these long plays that have sword fights. it's not that physical. i enjoy it.

>> you have to play dead for awhile on stage.

>> yeah, after you're huffing and puffing you have to pretend like you're not breathing.

>> how do you do that.

>> i don't know.

>> you find yourself using the shakespeare dialogue in every day life, like hark?

>> i don't do it too much because i have four kids and they'll make fun of me.

>> what about the other projects you've got, you've got before sunrise and --

>> it's a great trilogy. they're cool movies.

>> i love when you grow with the characters. i fell in love with the series but guess who wants to get in on our christmas movie battle. ethan has a favorite christmas movie .

>> i don't know what the