TODAY   |  December 20, 2013

See the finalists in our holiday movie bracket!

TODAY’s Tamron Hall reveals the finalists in the bracket for favorite holiday movie, with “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” and “It’s a Wonderful Life” duking it out for the top spot.

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>>> tamron has the latest on the big battle over which is the best --

>> al roker , in honor of you. christmas movie face-off in america .

>> you have to go bigger.

>> i might need to go home. all week long our viewers have been voting on, which christmas movie rules the roost. mine lost in the first round. but we have the two finalists. are you ready?

>> yes.

>> you don't sound like it. let's get this party started. and we are down to two christmas classics. it's a wonderful life , yes, from 1946 .

>> what happened to elf?

>> elf lost.

>> okay. listen. we're not asking for votes from you guys. this is what the people -- elf didn't make it.

>> oh.

>> what about christmas story .

>> christmas vacation . christmas vacation . the classic that pretty much summed up my childhood is on the list. so these are the two. i hear that you're unhappy.

>> i want a recount.

>> recount.

>> you've got a charlie brown christmas . that's not a movie.

>> more time america . christmas movie fight in america .

>> there's going to be a lot of fights in many homes over this.

>> it's a thankless job, tamron, but someone has to do it.