TODAY   |  December 20, 2013

Ryan O’Neal named owner of Farrah painting

A Los Angeles jury has sided with “Love Story” actor Ryan O’Neal and ruled him the sole owner of an Andy Warhol painting of actress Farrah Fawcett, his longtime romantic partner. The University of Texas had claimed ownership because Fawcett left all her artwork to the school when she died.

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>> trial over a famous painting of farrah fawcett .

>> reporter: it was deemed ryan o'neal's property. the university of texas which fawcett attended claimed ownership because she left all of her art work to the school. but he argued that warhol made one for fawcett and one for him.

>> reporter: their relationship spanned three decades and although it was in her home when she died of cancer in 2009 , o'neill retrieved it. although those closest to fawcett supported oneal including jacqueline smith .

>> i really feel that farrah would want that portrait with ryan.

>> reporter: and her son patrick and the son with oneal.

>> i know she had something to do with this up there.

>> he and fawcett always agreed the painting belonged to him. even in the years when it was displayed in her home.

>> it was his idea to get the paintings made. he knew andy warhol . they were handed one to him and one to her.

>> reporter: he testified he had no interest in the estimated value of up to $12 million. he told matt on today that though his relationship with fawcett had broken their feelings for each other lasted until their final days.

>> she loved me. she said so.

>> reporter: and now a jury says he does own the painting that he says he talks to as a way of talking to her. nbc news, los angeles .